Jul 5, 2013

4th of July Festivites

Hey ya'll! Hope your 4th was fun and full of fireworks! Destin has gotten tons and tons of rain so most of the firework shows that were scheduled for last night were canceled! We didn't let it ruin our 4th though! We sent word that our grill would light at 6PM and to bring what you want to eat. It's really the easiest way to get a group of sailors together. I am pretty sure at some point there were 20 people here in our little home. It was so much fun! You don't understand how much I love these people over at my house. The family atmosphere in this group of guys is something I wish everyone could experience. I am getting teary eyed just thinking of how sad it will be to split ways in August.

It was your normal night of story telling and feasting on steak and baked beans. I also got festive and made cookie dough filled cupcakes and brownies. I didn't have one left, thank goodness! I also made some taco soup since I was trying to eat halfway healthy and I knew there would be lots of temptations in my kitchen. That crockpot full of soup was gone by the end of the night as well, so I'll just have to make some more for the weekend!

Rosie slept so good last night. She had 20 big brothers to play with last night. I think she had more fun than anyone here. Sweet Kyra came over and had her first experience with Rosie. Besides Rosie trying to give her a french kiss (gross!), Rosie was sweet and Kyra just clapped those hands with excitement every time she saw Rosie!

Here are just a few pictures from the night

We didnt let the rain stop us from grilling. Above is Nick's creation with a tarp.

 Happy 4th from the Bobos!


Chelsea Phelps said...

Glad yall had fun! Those cupcakes look delicious!

Claire Carwile said...

Oh my goodness! The rain has been crazy lately! I love the tarp idea! Glad y'all were still able to have the cookout feel!:)