Jul 8, 2013

Our 4 Day Weekend Update!

Hello all!

This past weekend was amazing! Nick had Thursday and Friday off so it was a double weekend for us. We got to see family friends, watch roller derby (yes, don't judge...it's apparently the thing to do in our group now), visit with family after church, and float down Turkey Creek with some friends here. Busy, busy weekend.

Friday, we were slow to get up since it was raining and we stayed up super late Thursday night. 12 is super late to me. Around lunch, we loaded up Rosie and headed to see our family friends from Tunica. The Carikers made a family RV trip to Navarre, FL, and they were too close not to go see! Heath and Nick went to highschool together and really, have been friends ever since they can remember. Their dads were best friends as well, so it is neat to see the generations remain friends. I told Nick on the way home that I bet our future babies will be friends as well!.....One day!

We met them at a local restaurant as they were finishing lunch and headed back to the RV...Which by the way was so nice! I could travel in it if someone made me ;). Rosie was her normal self with sassiness and the never ending wagging tail. Something about a puppy, huh? We made our way out to the local outdoor restaraunt/mall area even through the pouring rain. After we had enough of that awful weather we headed back and played Catch Phrase. So funny! We finally decided to get dinner ready and have a little cookout. By little I mean, I couldn't finish half of my plate..It was sooo good but soo filling! I'm definitely having yummy food withdrawls today!

We ended up staying until midnight and made our hour long trip home where I went straight to bed. I guess Nick took the hint and took care of getting Rosie out of the car and into the house..Whoops! We had so much fun with the Carikers. They have always made me feel like family since I've known them maybe 2 years, always have good advice on marriage and the military, and have always shown us a great time. Nick was so happy to see friends from back home! It's just what we needed to get going with the last 2 months of training!

Here are a few pics from our (too) short trip!

 Heath and Nick

 Rosie was not shorted any kisses. They loved on her so much!

(Corey, Meagan, Nick, me, Brittany, Heath, Mrs. Jackie, Mr. Chuck)

We had so much fun! Thank you for such a sweet day! 



Meagan said...

We loved visiting with ya'll! So great to catch up and share old memories! Hope to see ya'll in the passing on your way to your next adventure to California! Love ya'll- Meagan Jones

Ashleigh said...

I LOVE long weekends! It looks like you had a great time!