Dec 27, 2016

Emmaline- one month

Adventures in the first month:

We had you!

Bibby came to meet you and love on Carter

Mimi and Pop Pop visited us for a week!

Lots of snuggles at home


Our girl. Just a month ago, we had no idea what you would be. When I asked, "What is it??" and the doctor exclaimed, "It's a girl!" in the sweetest way, I fell back into that hospital bed so at peace and so unexplainably thrilled. We have our girl.

After having a boy, I had no idea what being a girl mom would be like. You have added such sweetness and daintiness to our life. You are laid back and have a serious look on your face most of the time. When you get hungry, you start to grunt. You make so many noises and I'm still trying to sleep through them. You sleep great in your rock and play beside our bed. Lately we have been getting 4-5 hours of sleep at a time. Your sweet brother didn't sleep like that until he was a year (though he does nap 4 hours a day now- Praise Jesus!).

We spend our days nursing and passing you back and forth to hold, especially when the grands were here). You are pretty content unless you are having tummy trouble, then you seem like you might jump out of our arms. It doesn't last long normally. We are still figuring all this out together. You are a great eater and have gained around 2 lbs, we believe. 

Our first month was full of visitors, so now that its just us 4, we are really getting to know you. You are pretty simple. Eat, awake, sleep all day. Your brother is starting to love you. At first, he was a little distant, so I didn't push. Now that we tell him that you are crazy about him and think he is so funny, he likes to show off for you. He normally runs around the house to show you how fast he is. He says, "Clap your hands, Emmaline!!", so we clap your hands and say Go Carter! I know you and him will bond beautifully. 

I'm so happy that God saw us fit to be mommy and daddy to another baby. And I'm thrilled it was YOU. We are crazy about you, little girl. I'll have a friend forever, because I have you!

Aug 23, 2016

Carter - 2 years old

My firstborn is two whole years.

As I write this a couple of days before your actual birthday, I remember exactly how I felt on the days leading to your birth day. I was uncomfortable, waddling around, in between wishing you would arrive NOW and wanting you to stay in there until I was a little more ready. 

4:30 pm on August 22 happened and we packed the car to head to Balboa Naval Medical Center to meet you---not without a burger on the way! Is that why you love "fwys" so much?

That person on August 22nd seems like such stranger to me now. I wasn't "this me" until I met you. You opened our world to selflessness, joy, laughter, tears, and loving a little soul more than we could ever understand. You made me love your daddy deeper and fuller than I could the years before your birth.

August 23rd, early in the morning was the first time I heard you cry. A part of my heart escaped my body and now I watch it run and play everyday. You are a part of me and I finally understand How Deep the Father's Love for me is. But just like you will never grasp how much I love you, I know I can never grasp the depth of God's love is for me. Its unmeasurable and infinite. Remember that.

My favorite things about you are:

You call people by name. "Thank you, Mama. Thank you Dada." Sometimes you get really ahead of yourself and call us opposite (depending on what track your little mind was on and who is in your line of vision) but ALWAYS correct yourself. "Hi Friends" at the gym is another popular one. You love to hop. You're favorite thing right now is Choo choos and Mickey Mouse. We rode the train twice this week and you had a ball. "Ride twain?" is now what we hear all the time. Your favorite books are Brown Bear, 100 First Animals (which you know most and their sounds), and any pop up book.

You are a little ball of energy. There is no sitting still. Even when you are super tired and snuggle with me, that little leg is kicking through the air. You still love me to "shhh" as a rock you back and forth before nap time or bedtime. By the way, you nap like a champ. 12-4pm most days! You sleep through the night and Bibby even told me you giggle uncontrollably as you sleep (she loves to sleep with you when she visits!) You love bath time and could play in there forever. You love to call Pop Pop on the toy phone, too! You LOVE your daddy. It's playtime non stop when he is home from work. Daddy's face lights up whenever you are awake. He always has time for you. No matter how long of a day (or night when you can't stay asleep), he always gives you his full attention. You will snuggle with him when Im away and I love walking into watching y'all together. You always ask for our hands and drag us all over the place.

I think you are a genius, but I am your mother. You can count to 12 and you totally get the concept of what you are saying. You can almost sing your full ABCs (you started learning with "QRS" somehow) and know Twinkle Twinkle by heart. We are learning Jesus Loves Me and you always pick up at "Yes, Jesus Loves Me!" and sing the rest of that chorus. This week, you have picked up on so many new words and phrases. You repeat most things I say and Im learning what I sound like for sure! We can give you simple directions and you follow them easily! "Go throw this away" or "Go find so and so" and you really do it! You are going to be such a big help in a few months.

One funny thing is that we are learning that you call most men "Nick". At the restaurant last night, every time our waiter brought you something (chips and salsa mostly), you would say "Thank you, Nick". Also, one morning I asked you if you wanted a piece of toast. Now overtime you want pizza, you say "pizza toast?". I don't know how you got there, but its really funny.

Your not so favorite things are:

The walk down the hall to nap time. Doctor visits. Being in your carseat after I put the car into park (and now you say "Alright!" Every time I park, like its time to get out of the car). Lots of different food.  You are a bird, dinner time is not the easiest right now but we are all working through it. Im sad to say you are beginning to not like any smocked outfits. You'll grow out of this phase right???

Carter, you are a happy little boy. You have a joy that shines through you and you brighten every single day. I'm so glad God saw us fit to take care of you and enjoy you while at our temporary home. I pray for your salvation early in life and that you always follow Jesus with a joyful and humble heart. You teach us so much every single day. You are our daily reminder to cling to Jesus. I love everything about you and the journey you have taken us on so far. I can't wait to bring New Baby home to you. I pray the first days are sweet and that we soak them up as a family of 4. I also am excited to enjoy these last 12 weeks with just you. You are my favorite little Carter in the world. You are special and I will always choose you over and over again.

Fingers go straight to face when I pull out my camera!

Not so happy with the flash

Jul 23, 2016

Life update/ Baby #2

I loved the couple of years I spent blogging about my time during pregnancy and the first year of Carter's life. This past year I just haven't had time. Now that I am over halfway with our 2nd pregnancy (Surprise!), I'd really love to spend an hour each month writing about this pregnancy/birth/and new life that will be arriving around Thanksgiving! This baby is so precious and I want to remember just like I am able to look back and remember with Carter man!

I miss writing and the joy that it brings me, but with deployment (that Nick's been home almost a year from) and just being Mommy, I spent my quiet moments resting or catching up on things around the house. We recently bought a house, I worked on my Etsy shop a lot the past year, and now I am working on growing a human. That about sums up my life since last July!

Carter is almost two! He is my most precious gift. The bond of a boy and a mama can not be written on paper. I feel it takes away from the greatness of that relationship. There is so much that we have experienced together. The one that makes you Mommy.... you just can't put those feelings into words.

So, here we go with a new addition to our family! Nick and I were so happy to announce and we can't wait to see our first baby become a big brother!