Jul 2, 2013

Tuesday Randomness turned Deep Thoughts

Hello Lovelies!

Hope your Tuesday is going well! I'm waiting for Nick to get home so we can go get some business stuff done. Once a month the military gives them a "training Tuesday" to get things done like doctor's visits, errands that need to be done..that type of fun stuff. We have to do some things for the "BIG move" as I like to call it. I mean California is another country to this Miss'ippi gal. Had to type it like that since I am still the most southern sounding lady around here!

I decided to throw on a dress since I really never get out of my yoga pants anymore. I'm sure Nick will be wondering what's going on and checking to see the date to make sure it's not our anniversary(Just kidding, babe!). But really, I need to doll up more. It's funny how quickly we get comfortable after we get married. I was talking to a newlywed yesterday and it was so refreshing to hear how intentional they were going to be as they started their lives together. It made me realize that I have probably been slacking a little on the intentional side. Oh that word. It's one thing that I feel really keeps a marriage going. To out serve one another is our goal and in our prayers.

Ok, Ok...Stopping before I sit in front of this screen typing away the afternoon. Lots of little things to do. First thing....vacuum. Nick usually comments on the days that I vacuum so that's always a little motivation to do it more often during the week. I love when he walks in a compliments the house! #lifeofahousewife.. Was that weird? Probably, but oh well!

Hope your Tuesday flies by and you get a nice long break for the 4th! We have a 4 day weekend that will be filled with activities, I'm sure. You can't live at the beach and stay in the house for the 4th of July! Have a great day!



Nicole said...

I totally feel you here! Since we've gotten married I've really tried to be "dressed" when Ty comes home. It doesn't matter if I've done absolutely nothing all day, I try to put on some real clothes minutes before he walks in the door! Haha! It really is different being married. Before, I thought that I had to be more intentional through dating because we didn't live together. WHOA, I was wrong. You have to be crazy intentional every day of marriage and it can be such a challenge! Thankful for your honest words, friend!

Molly said...

I love when my husband notices things I've done to the house. The urge to keep it straightened up and neat has definitely been lacking since he has been deployed.