Apr 7, 2013

six months today

I've been married six months. Six whole months.

It's been different than I thought it would be. I know, I know...Of course it is! But it's actually been...don't stop reading after this next phrase.... easier than I expected. Not that its a breeze. Don't take it like that. If you knew Nick then you would understand. He's simple. Almost so simple that he is confusing. What he says is what he means. If you were to talk with him outside our home without me, that's exactly what he is when he comes home to me. Ya'll, I'm convicted. In the last six months, I have learned a lot about myself. I'm so selfish. Like, realllly selfish. I like my way. I like my thought process.  I like my comfort zone.

But when I say the word "easy", I mean, I'm not in a fit of stress all of the time. Honestly, I grew up seeing marriage as stress. Though things are way different now with my family (HE is SO good.), I was still expecting it. I didn't know we would laugh this much. I didn't know we would talk so much. I didn't know I would literally trust him with things I've never trusted anyone with (scariest part!). We really are starting to mesh well. 

I can't wait to look back at this. I wonder if I'll think ,"Wow, you were just silly". 

But, we are silly. 

My favorite things about our first 6 months:

- We only had a "chair and a half" for the first 2 months in the living room to share.
- He does Adam Sandler quotes at the perfect moment most days of the week.
- We eat Turkey Taco Salad once a week. Twice sometimes. We love it.
- I love seeing his blue jeep in the garage when I come home.
- Every time we cross the bridge to Destin, we get really excited and say, "I can't believe we live here."
- We spent a couple of hours in a church parking lot teaching me how to drive a stick shift. I never even cried!
- We watch Grown Ups every time it comes on TV even though it is so cheesy. Which we then talk about every time we watch it. And it comes on an unnatural amount of times now that I think about it.
- He's realized he loves hot green tea.
- I don't do the grill
- He used Clorox Bleach to clean up a spill on the carpet. I found out before he could do it again.
- We re-did a china cabinet that I bought at a garage sale. It will stay with me as long as I live.

I can't explain how full of love my heart is for this man. I guess if you are married you understand. I love being his helper. He's encouraging and makes me want to respect him. He leads me in this marriage. His trust in the Lord is something I've never seen before. I'm pretty happy that I get to spend my life with him. I'm soaking up the time I have with him now.

One day, Ill have to put our wedding day pictures on here, but for now, here are some of the special ones. 

our first look

I can't wait to show you the rest of my wedding one day soon! For today, I just want to focus on us :). Six months down. Lots more to enjoy.

Mrs. Bobo


Nicole said...

This makes me cry. As we get ready to celebrate one month tomorrow I am so happy that I can finally say "I get it." Marriage is the most insanely beautiful and grace-filled blessing of my life. "He's encouraging and makes me want to respect him." YES! How much of a blessing is this? As I realize that not every wife has it like this makes me so thankful for the way Ty seeks the Lord. I'm so thankful for this marriage. And for yours. The gospel is most real now, isn't it?

Happy 6 months, friend! So happy for you and thankful for the way the Lord is using your marriage in the lives of others. I pray that the Lord would continue to bless you and use you!! Love you, Mrs. Bobo!

Amber McCormick said...

Isn't marriage beautiful!! I LOVE being married!! and get so excited when I hear others do too! I feel like in our society people do not understand marriage. In Sunday school one day we talked about how marriage is a convenant created by God! It is a symbol of His love for the church! We are the bride of Christ, and as a bride to my husband, I totally get what that means. Marriage is not dating, it is not being with someone for stability! It is truly loving someone so sacrificially! I love to read of people in our generation who see marriage that way!!!! I am so excited to hear about your first 6 months of marriage!! As I told NIcole, it ONLY gets better!!
John is my best friend, the first person I want to tell everything too, good or bad!! I just love being around him!! Cherish every moment!!!

Laura Darling said...

Congratulations! This is such a sweet post and I'm so happy for you two! :)

Courtney Kassner said...

This is probably the sweetest post I've ever read...along with the most beautiful photos!