Apr 9, 2013

flordia scenery for the soul

Happy Tuesday!

The past two days have been GORGEOUS here in Florida. We have taken advantage of the 75+ weather the past two days. Yesterday, was my first official "lay out on the beach day" . I'll take that on any Monday. I got some great sun and watched some funny kids on the beach. I also started Karen Kingsbury's Redemption Series. Sometimes, a good Christian fiction book does the heart good.  

My poor puppies have suffered through the winter blues so I thought a little hike would do them some good. Rosie is finally old enough to walk a pretty good ways so she came along for the ride. We are home now and she has been passed out since lunch. Fine with me!

Thank you, Lord, for placing us at this beautiful creation that You made. I love being reminded of how big He is. You can't help but feel His power when you sit in front of the water.

There will be a lot more hikes in our future. It calms my hyper dogs down so much!

Also, there are talk of alligators in this pond. I haven't seen one but I still am nervous about letting my dogs take a dip. Captain used to be terrified of water, like would not stand near it. Since we have been taking this trail, he decided he is obsessed with water. Of course. And you know whatever Captain does, Rosie is right behind him. I am constantly grabbing their collars when they try to jump to their death.

     That little babe was pooped. She is laying on my foot as I type.

Have you been outside to enjoy all God has given us? Take some time and grab your Bible. 
Outside quiet time is so special.



Nicole said...

oh.my.gosh. I want to come kiss Rosie right now!! She is just the sweetest! Love this time that the Lord has given you in Destin. SO sweet!

Mariel Collins said...

Oh i love living in FL! Gods gorgeous creation appears all the time:) Love your sweet puppies:)

Heather said...

Your pups are the most adorable things ever :). Also, I'm super jealous of your beach time!!!

Elle said...

oh my word that picture of little Rosie jumping over the log!!! so cute.
I read the Redemption series years ago and really enjoyed them. I personally think they are her best books :)

Kayla Tow said...

How fun! Rosie looks like she is enjoying it :)

Courtney Kassner said...

Love all of the puppy pictures!

How do you like Karen Kingsbury? I've never read her books because I've always been hooked on Francine Rivers!