Apr 4, 2013

just another night

It's almost Friday! Time for a weekend with my husband. Beach, maybe? If I havent reminded ya'll enough...We live in Destin. And the weather has been awesome! I'm ready for the "local tan". Not the "vacationer burn". I'm getting there!

I wanted you to get a little peek at a week night with the Bobos. I talk about all the big events of our life but sometimes its nice to see the real, everyday stuff. During the week, you wouldn't know we live where you vacation. It's real life. Marriage is definitely real life. And we love it. I love sitting down for dinner and holding hands as Nick says the blessing. I love sitting at the dinner table talking (sometimes just being silent) for 20 minutes after we have eaten. The dishes definitely wait. We don't go by a schedule or really plan anything at all for the week. We just live. I'm enjoying the "just the two of us" season. I have loved learning about my husband. He's pretty ok : )

Most days I'm home when Nick gets home. The pups normally are taking a nap after wrestling all day. Seriously, all day. "Just be still!", can be heard at least 5 times a day at our house.

Yesterday, I finally took my weekly (sometimes bi weekly if I'm good!) trip to the commissary for groceries . I really do save a lot by going there. Military bases still intimidate me a little, but I'm braver every time I leave! I called my friend, Lauren, and we headed that way! 

I picked up some things so I can make a few different dishes than our normal chicken breast or taco salad. You can only eat so much lettuce! Last night I made Skinny Enchiladas as I chatted away with Heather, one of my great friends from Headlines (the salon I worked at in MS). They were EXCELLENT! Nick said he wanted them once a week.

After dinner ( and sitting for 20 minutes), we finally make the move for the dishes. Nick is so sweet and always offers to do dishes. Most days I let him, but lately I've really enjoyed standing at the sink and hand washing my dishes. It's one of the things I feel like is my job as a stay at home wife, so I really have been trying to do these mundane things joyfully. I just have a quick prayer time and maybe hum whatever song is in my head. It is strange, but it has turned into one of the sweetest times of the day for me. 

Last night, I found Nick filling up a chocolate bunny with milk. He's going to be a fun dad. 

Normally we have play time with the crazies before we sit down for the night.

 Prayer time together is so special. It's such an easy thing to push aside . Right now we are doing "A Year with Jesus". It goes verse by verse through Matthew and John. We both miss the way our church back in MS goes through the Bible verse by verse so we were excited to find this! I personally don't like to read The Message as my main bible, but I think it can be used supplementary to our ESV.

That's about how our evenings go. Almost 6 months. It's gone too fast already. I hope the next year slows down a bit, not quite prepared for that season of our life yet. God is working so much in my life though. I know He is getting me ready for whatever comes our way.

Sorry so long, but have a great rest of this Thursday. It's almost Friday!



Nicole said...

I love this! Our nights look similar (except I'm not a stay at home wife. big boo on that.) and I, too, love sitting down and having dinner with my husband. That time is so sweet. We haven't been doing any bible reading together but we lay in bed and pray together every night before falling asleep and it is my most favorite time of day! YAY for husbands!

Alyssa said...

Hi girl!! Just wanted to pop in and say "hello" :)

I saw a link to your blog today on Nicole's blog and wanted to come introduce myself and say WELCOME TO BLOGGING!!! It's such an incredible, supportive, loving community.

Anywayssss I can't wait to get to know your more through your blog :)

PS. Jon Sharman is one of my sponsors so I'm lucky enough to have your pretty face on my blog!!!