Apr 3, 2015

seven months

Carter is 7 months old!

Adventures in the seventh month:

- We visited a strawberry patch, which you slept through the whole time.

-We had ice cream night with the girls. You were the only person in the footed pajamas at the ritzy Hotel Del and it was totally okay!

-You let me run a 5k without even a peep. Thank goodness you love your stroller!

-You went swimming for the first time and loved it. You wanted to drink all the water though.


Seven months of life with you has been amazing. You love your daddy and think he's just the funniest. I know y'all will be best friends as you grow. I'm so so thankful that you have a daddy that wants to be with you so much and teach you things only a daddy can. My heart is full of joy knowing you will experience that your whole life and become such a God loving man because of him. 

We have gone full force with puree foods. Sweet potato, avocado, squash, zucchini, green beans, apples, pears, sweet peas, bananas. I recently bought a Squeeze Station and its making my life so much easier. You can't use the pouch yourself yet so I either squeeze the puree into a bowl or use the awesome spoon attachment when we are on the go. You want everything I eat so I make sure we eat at the same time. You still nurse just about the same, except you are able to go longer which is so much easier on me. You sleep longer and we had our first full night of sleep! You gained a lot this past month since we started food. We are in 6-9 month clothing but those little piggys still aren't big enough to keep shoes on. Too much trouble anyways!

Most of our days are spent on the go. We go from Stroller Strides to bible study to MOPS during the week. You are so easy to take around and smile at everyone. Im so glad it was such an easy transition for you to go to our nursery workers at the church. Im sure separation anxiety will happen a little at some point, but for now I can pass you off and you are just fine with everyone. I do notice that if I stand near you while someone else is holding you, you try to dive into my arms. I do love that. But you are totally fine if I walk away. 

You got your first tooth! Teething wasn't the monster I thought it would be. You might have been a little more clingy and had a shorter fuse than normal. Maybe it explains you getting up in the middle of the night..but all in all, you have been the same baby. You still love peek a boo and the ABC song. When you cry in the car, thats what I sing and you give me a little smirk like "Im not all that happy, but I really do love this song". 

You are just about to crawl. Rosie is your motivation. You rock back and forth on your hands and knees. But when you make that first move to crawl you belly flop. You still can get to where you want to go though. Once you figure it out, I'll have two shadows following me all over the house. You are able to sit up like a champ. Thats not even an iffy thing for you anymore. I set you down in the living room, put a basket of toys in front of you and you are good for 10-20 minutes. I still wear you a lot and you are fine with that. 

The funniest thing you do is roll your tongue. I don't know how you learned that, I can't even do it. You sound like a tiny Chewbacca and do it alllll dayyyy long. You say Ma Ma and Ba Ba Ba, and Ive heard Da Da a couple times too. I know you would say Ma Ma first only because you suck in your lips and make a M noise a lot. We are working on Da Da but for now you just smile when I say either. Your eyes are bright and blue. They shine whenever I see you. It makes me so happy that you have such a good connection with me and other people. I don't think you will be the quiet baby that me and your daddy were. You've got some spunk, kid.

So again, Carter, this was my favorite month. Next month will be, too. It is a joy being your mother. It is the ultimate gift and I love watching you grow. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a mom. I never had that fire for anything else and never understood why that was (and honestly was a little insecure that I didn't have passion for future careers). Now I do know why. Im so happy I am able to be your mom. 

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