Feb 28, 2015

six months

Our six month old!

Adventures in the sixth month:

- Mimi and Grandaddy came to visit you! It was Grandaddy's first time in California so you had to show him the ropes.

- We celebrated Valentines day in Newport Beach/ Laguna Beach.

- We kept busy with MOPS, bible study, and Stroller Strides. You are so good in the nursery at church! Thank you, Lord!

-You tried out avocados and sweet potatoes. I can tell you will be a foodie like your mama.

- We had a half birthday party, because why not??

Here we are, Carter! Half a year ago I was holding you for the first time, counting your fingers and your toes, seeing the miracle before us. You are so much more than I ever could dream of. I honestly don't remember what I thought you might be like. I don't think anyone can describe the bond between a mama and her baby boy. God made that relationship special. 

Our routine is nothing special. You wake up, eat, play, and sleep. After 2 hours of awake time, I put you down even if you aren't whining. I know if you start rubbing those eyes, we might not get the best nap. We try for 3 naps a day if we are home all day long. My most important nap that I want you to take is between 4-6, that way you will be awake to play with daddy when he gets home. If we are out, you nap when you want to in the carseat and Ergo. You have been doing so good in the car! If I keep you topped off, you are just fine sitting in there playing with you feet or whatever toy I could find. 

At 5 and a half months, I really felt like you were ready for a small amount of food for practice. You lean forward whenever food is around. You sit up all on your own. And you still weren't sleeping through the night. Now we get 5-6 hours of sleep verses 3-4. Those messes you make are precious. Daddy finally gets to be involved in feeding time and y'all have so much fun with it. 

You are sitting up all by yourself, rolling everywhere, and planking nonstop. I see you trying to pull those knees under you so Im thinking crawling is just around the corner. You don't have to though! I promise I won't make you :) Rosie is your ultimate goal in crawling. Im going to have to keep a close eye on you soon so Rosie won't be terrorized all hours of the day. You already try to pull up to stand when Daddy holds your hands while you are seated.

Your eyes are big and blue! The 3 things people talk about are your eyes, your lashes, and how all you do is smile. I think Im the only one who sees you cry...and thats normally when we are along at home and I walk away from you. How rude of me!

You love your paci and use it to sleep and in the car seat mostly. I can hand it to you and you figure out how to stick it in your mouth now. You love to be rocked. You are in 6 and 6-9 months clothing. Now that we have started food, I think you might chunk up a bit more. Im still waiting on a tooth, but you drool like crazy. And you love your frozen teething rings. I got a mat for the bathtub and you sit up all by yourself and play play play.

Carter, you are a special boy. Not because anything you do (even though they are wonderful and I so enjoy watching them) , but because God made you! I pray you love God for the same reason, who He is, not what he does for you. He has already blessed you more than I could ever imagine. I try to look at you and see what will be sent out into the world in 18 years. This is the biggest, most joyful job that we have ever taken on. You have a giant spirit. I love playing with you but I absolutely melt when you settle down to cuddle. Those squishy cheeks. And legs. And wrists..yes you have squishy wrists!

We also had a half birthday since we never know about this military schedule! Here are some pictures from it.

You are just my favorite little boy. I can't wait to see you grow this month. I know your little personality will be even more fun than it already is. 

Love you, C Man!

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