Feb 20, 2015

Newport Beach/ Laguna Beach Trip

For Valentines Day, Nick wanted to take Carter and me on a weekend trip up the coast. When I was in high school, I, of course and maybe unfortunately, watched Laguna Beach. I had already been to the Newport Beach area a while back for a blogger event and knew I wanted Nick to visit with me. They are 15 minutes apart so I mentioned it to Nick and he gave me to ok to start planning (Vacation means he books, I plan). 

He had a 4 day weekend so we left Friday around lunch. We got there a little before check in and since Carter was still snoozing we decided to just drive to Laguna Beach so we could check it out. We grabbed coffee since we were exhausted already and drove down that packed little town. When I say packed, I really don't think you understand. We are little Mississippi folk. We don't like traffic or a whole lot of people in one spot. Well, welcome to California.

We ate dinner at a restaurant overlooking the ocean which was beautiful. What was not so beautiful was that I accidentally ate a Thai chili pepper. It was dark, I thought it was a red bell pepper. So I didn't finish my meal but I did leave with a glass of milk and a burnt and tender mouth. It didn't affect Carter, which I was so scared it would with nursing!

Poor quality iPhone pics trying to keep up with the sun setting. But that face on that baby though??

We woke up early to eat breakfast at a local spot and drove back to Laguna Beach to visit Victoria Beach. Had to, right? If you Google or Pinterest Victoria Beach, there is a neat little "castle" on the cliffs so we wanted to check that out. Very pretty beach with little ones running around, dogs playing in the water, and of course yoga class on the sand!

 If you follow my Instagram, you might know that my friend and I have started a shop! I can't wait to fill you in on more details of it, but it deserves a post of its own. Here is a sneak peak of a onesie we have for sale already. Dont worry adult readers! We have some pretty cute tanks and tees for you!
Please go check us out!

That same day we somehow had energy for Balboa Island in Newport Beach. This was our favorite part of the trip. We had lunch and strolled Carter down the main strip and across the bay on a ferry. Like I said in Laguna, lots and lots of people. I didn't know this was such a popular place to go, honestly. Nick is pretty fun to hang out with.. I mean besides being my husband, I really do love doing life with him. He's quietly funny and I think we do a pretty good job of making each other laugh. Also, either time for a new hairdo or I need to fix it daily. Yuck.

Carter was not impressed. He was holding strong to that water bottle he loves to play with so much.

That night we got back to the hotel, took a nap, and took the long haul downstairs to our dinner destination. It was such a nice hotel and they had a Valentines Day menu at the restaurant. It was way fancier than us Mississippi folks are used to. At one point, I ate some kind of pudding out of an egg shell. I don't know, Im glad I didn't know what I was eating before I tasted it. Very good, but after I heard salmon and lemon caviar, it just kind of changed the taste for me.

Wonderful weekend with the men I love most!

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