Jan 23, 2015

five months

(I mean does he just KNOW I love a good pose??)

Our little blessing is five months old!

Adventures in the 5th month:

-We celebrated Christmas as a family of three. You were so cute playing with the wrapping paper!

-We sent Daddy to Gulfport and survived our first 2 weeks alone.

-You started going into the nursery at church for Sundays, MOPS, and bible study. You have been doing great!

-We went to the Safari Park with Daddy...in our Sunday best....without a stroller or the Ergo. We seriously weren't thinking...at all.

-Threw Daddy a late birthday surprise party...You lasted about 30 minutes.

Carter Man,

I'm being honest here. This month was the hardest so far, not in a bad way at all...Just harder. It was SUCH a big change from the past months. You are so mobile when you are awake. You are interested in EVERYTHING and want to touch everything. Apparently the view from my height is awesome because thats where you want to be ;). Coming home from MS definitely took a toll on your sleeping schedule. For about a week or so, you were on newborn schedule again and I. Was. Tired. We worked through that and now you are sleeping about 4 hour stretches at night and its time to nurse again. Since Daddy has been home, Ive definitely been handing you off at 5 am when its wake up and play for an hour time.

Ive definitely witnessed you figuring out your different emotions. I'm thinking you are beginning to notice reactions when you scream a certain way  (Im talking lip curled, face red, can't suck in air scream), so you will do that for about 5 seconds and stop and look up at me. I normally give you a "Well did that make you feel better?" and wait until you aren't testing me to pick you back up.....mooost of the time ;). 

I recently weighed you and you were almost 15 pounds. You were 25 inches at your 4 month appointment so Im saying you have grown taller than that already. You wear lots of 6 months clothes and a good bit of 3-6 months. You are healthy and thriving and you have the cutest double chin when you sleep in the carseat! 

You have had so many firsts, that I probably can't even remember what you've been doing and what is new. You are a pro at all your new talents! Rolling over from back to stomach is one of the bigger accomplishments. You can use those hands so great, too! You pick up anything I put in front of you. We have some slobbery items around our house these days. You mostly like to pull my face to your face for a kiss. I can sit you up and you can balance yourself pretty well without help. Yes, you face plant, but its the cutest face plant I've ever seen. 

And oh my did you learn to grunt. Thats what I hear 80 percent of the day. (The 20 percent is blowing bubbles). I try to bring your rocker in the kitchen while I cook and whenever my back is turned Mr. Piggy comes out. Grunt grunt grunt until I look at you and say Hey Carter! Then you suck in and make the loudest squeal of delight! You are a talker. Especially right before you realize you are tired. You will talk endlessly..Oh I wish I could see the thoughts in your brain!

And that Rosie. She sure is a funny thing, isn't she? You think she is IT. When she comes near, you get the biggest grin on your face and grunt at her nonstop. I will stand you up in front of her and she waits for you to chase her. She has learned to stay JUST far enough away since you love to pull her fur. But man, you can't get enough of her. She will definitely get your first belly laugh.

I can't even believe that next month will be half a year since we took that first gaze. I don't think Ill ever think of you as anything else but that baby boy I saw for the first time and immediately loved. Do you KNOW how much I love you? I really don't think you ever will. Its endless. I may fail you at times, but know little boy, you are loved deeper than the ocean. I am so thankful that I get to know you. You are one special boy and I know in my heart that you will do big things. God made you specially you. And it is wonderful! You are covered in prayer, my boy. Dont you ever doubt that. I can't wait for our many adventures in the next month! I love that you are the biggest part of them!
We love you, Carter Man!

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The Woodards said...

Welp. This is the handsomest 5 month old around. He is precious and so BIG! He's getting some hair filling in too! Wasn't it yesterday that we were sitting around your living room in Niceville with our Esther girls talking about having babies someday?? What HAPPENED??