Dec 31, 2014

four months old

 My baby is four months (and a week)!

Adventures in the 4th month:

- You made your first (of many) visits to sweet Mississippi.

- Met tons of family members and they loved on you so much!

-Rolled over for the first time! We were lucky enough to get it on video!

-Survived your 4 months shots...and you didn't even cry! 

-Tried out your Bumbo and it gave Mommy a little bit of do the dishes ;)

-Had your first Christmas. You loved the wrapping paper and really did play with your new toys.


Its been four of the best months of our lives. Some nights are long since you still do wake up a time or two, but I know those days will soon end and you won't need mommy quite as much as you do right now. So those rocks in the middle of the night aren't always so bad. Thank goodness for your daddy. He is a champ and always helps with you. 

Oh, you and your daddy. I have seen such a new relationship form. You are crazy about him. You see him from across the room and those eyes light up. You give him that sweet smile and can't wait to start playing. He can make you laugh anytime of the day. I think when you smell daddy, you know its playtime. I love coming into the living room and see you laying on his stomach, rubbing that little thumb under his arm. I didn't know my heart would hurt so much...but in the best way possible.

You are so brave. I know I have an "all boy" coming at us quickly. You are just a little man. I can't imagine having a little girl right now. God gave us exactly what was perfect for us this go round! My heart just about did a backflip when you rolled over. You did it and looked at us like, I don't know what happened....but I liked it. And then smiled at us. Oh, my heart.

You love to rock before naps and sleep time. I rock you until sleepy and let you fall asleep on your own. Most of the time. Sometimes you just fall right to sleep when you hit that sweet spot in the crook of my elbow. And you would much rather nap and sleep with me, but you do pretty well in your crib too. I can always count on your morning nap about an hour after you wake up in the morning. This morning it was 4 am and daddy helped me out. Oh thank goodness for your daddy. Sometimes I don't know what we will do without him during deployment coming up. Im getting my naps in now ;)

We still nurse exclusively. Id say every 2-3 hours now. It all depends on your naps which are normally always after you have been awake for about 2 hours. Ive noticed that you just recently started going a tiny bit longer in between nursing, but we still nurse very frequently. I love it and I love the time we get to sit still together. 

I love The Jesus Story Book Bible and the time we spend together reading it (and listening to the audio version...and watching the DVDs). Ill stick your paci in and we rock and read for a good 30 minutes. I really want to teach you to be still and listen as you grow up. It will come in handy in more ways than you know. 

This has been the biggest leap in your growth I think. You are learning new things all of the time and you are always doing something that surprises me. I love to see you learn to blow bubbles and the different noises you are making with your mouth. We learned an "Mmm" sound a couple of weeks ago! You are so alert and aware of everyone around you. If Im holding you and we are around people, you will smile and turn your head really quickly into your shoulder as if you are flirting or shy. I can't tell which one yet, but the amount you talk all day...Id say you weren't too shy!

And can we talk about that smile just a little more? When you smile, those eyes light up and I swear I see a sparkle. You crinkle that nose and it just sends my heart fluttering all over the place.  If we put our face close enough to yours, you reach out those hands and pull our cheeks to your face and give us that wide open kiss. We love that sweet slobber. So does Rosie, we have to watch that pup. 

You mean so much to us, Carter man. You light up our days. I love all the moments with you. Even the ones that you pull my hair and when I can hear you scream bloody murder from your crib. I sigh and pray to get through it, but when you smile it fuels me right back up and Im good to go. We love you and this stage you are in. Like I always say...Its my favorite!

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