Nov 23, 2014

three months old

Our squish is 3 months!

Adventures in the 3rd month:

- You were The Very Hungry Caterpillar. You were so. dang. cute.

- Moved into military housing. You have so much room to start crawling and walking in the next year! 

-Your Bibby came for a second visit.

- You drove across the country for your first visit to Mississippi! Everyone gets to meet you soon!

Carter man,

Our smiling baby boy! Your personality has bloomed this last month. You always have smiles for me. Even while nursing. Sometimes you get too distracted and want to talk instead of eat. I do love our conversations. You seem to be telling me some BIG news whenever you get to cooing. I can just see you in a couple of years using your imagination and telling me all about it with those arms flying through the air. 

So sleep. I mean you do. But almost every night we are up at 1 or 2, 4, and then for the day at 6:30. You are hungry every time you wake up and cry.  You always nurse back to sleep though. I love the feeling when you put all of your weight into my arm bc you finally fell asleep. Its my cue to put you back to bed, but sometimes I wait 5 more minutes and enjoy that time. If you cry again 30 minutes after we nurse, I will stick the paci back in your mouth. That normally helps. I like/dislike the paci. It works. wakes you up when it falls out of your mouth at night. 

Still not loving tummy time, but not many babies do. I think you will start liking it more now that you are holding your head up a little better. I think you haven't figured out that you actually are holding it up more on the floor. You get frustrated and that hand goes straight to the mouth. You are a pro at sitting on my hip now. 

You love lights. And now mirrors. Tonight I held you in front of one and you thought your reflections was some pretty funny stuff. You are starting to think Rosie is funny too. Whenever you nurse, she wants to be by my side. You pinch her with your feet and she doesn't even budge. You think your Daddy is pretty funny. Ya'll can sit on that couch like pros. I love that little bond that is forming.

You are fitting in 3 months clothes. Not many 0-3 anymore. And you are ready for size 2 disposables. Your cloth diapers fit way better and don't look so bulky in clothes now that we are past NB and 0-3. Those thighs are chunky and wonderful. You have the sweetest double chin. And those cheeks. Oh those cheeks. 

You cry when you are hungry and are whiny when you need a nap. Other than that its mostly smiles and drool! You are a pretty easy baby. We love when you hold onto our finger to fall asleep. You take a deep breath if we blow in your face, its the funniest thing ever. You always smile when we say "Hey Carter!". We still are having great morning talks. Thats my favorite part of the day. We go on runs with Rosie and you normally stay awake to take in the outdoors. Me and you both like the Errgo carrier. You have started to stay awake in it more now and just take in everything you see. You still need your swaddle for a good sleep or nap. In a couple of months, Ill be transitioning you, but for now, swaddle works. You still have that new born reflex that wakes you up.

We love you so much, little boy. You brighten our life in the best way. I can't wait to see all the new things you do and learn this next month. It'll be my favorite, Im sure!

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Nicole said...

He is just so sweet!! I cannot wait to meet him!