Dec 31, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I'm playing catch up while Nick is home to entertain the baby. We had days full of family and food. We got into town Monday before Thanksgiving, spent a few days in Senatobia and Crenshaw, then we headed to Tupelo to start the Thanksgiving Tour 2014 ;)

We got to Mammie and Pops (Nicks grandparents) on Wednesday night and had dinner. We visited and let them love on Carter for as much as they wanted to. It was really fun to see him interact with a pair of his great grandparents. Mammie had Chicken Spaghetti for us and of course her sugar cookies. We look forward to those every year and were not disappointed this time. 

The next morning we had our eggos and bacon and bundled up to head over to Nicks other set of grandparents, Meemaw and Grandaddy. We also got to see the Buskirk/Stratton clan while we were there! I so wish we lived closer to see them more often. I really didn't have anyone to hold Carter for me all day.... HA! That little turkey was passed around and around! He got so much love and hasn't quite understood why anyone would ever put him down at all now that we are back in California.  We had Thanksgiving lunch and then Mrs. Jan and I slipped out to do the Old Navy half off sale :)

Christmas Card picture below!

We stayed the night in tupelo again and then headed back to Senatobia. We waited to have my Moms family Thanksgiving until that Sunday. We invited our family and a few close friends. We had BBQ and got to visit a lot with everyone. Carter was loved on a whole lot that week!

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