Oct 7, 2014

two year anniversary

I'm sneaking in a post while Carter is napping. I mean, he had a big morning of eating, napping, and diaper changes. I'd be tired too. (Wait, I am).

October 7 marks 2 years of marriage for Nick and me. As cliche as it always sounds, what a year it has been. Since last October we have had quite a few months of living in different states, moved across the country away from ANYTHING familiar, found out we were pregnant again, have been blessed by finding a church quickly that we LOVE… and of course brought our first born into this world. (That was probably my favorite day of the whole 2nd year ;) ). 

This time last year, I was in Mississippi waiting for Nick to make it there that following since he was in training. We had 1 year anniversary pictures done and had a wonderful date night in Memphis. I researched some anniversary questions that I am so glad we did! Here is the post with the anniversary questions from last year. It was such a fun thing to do. This year we will do the same routine. We will go to separate rooms and answer the questions to ourselves and then talk through them together over dinner. Last year, we actually brought our questions to Flight with us.

I loved getting to have this refresher conversation that shows us our weaknesses and strengths in this marriage. And we keep our answers to look back on over the years. We get to answer the "children" question this year! :)

Nick is absolutely the best man I have ever known. I've never felt an ounce of insecurity with him because he is so faithful in his actions. He gets funnier the longer I know him. (How have we only known each other 3 and a half years??). We have an easy relationship. It's predictable in the best way possible, meaning I never wonder how he feels about me. I've fallen in love with him in a different way since Carter was born.

I am so happy with where our life is going and I know there will be plenty of exciting adventures in the next year. There really isn't anyone else I'd want to be on this ride with.

Our First Year Anniversary Picture

And the product of 2 years

Just keeps getting better and better.


Emily Stewart said...

Happy Anniversary, lovebirds! Here's to many many more years! xoxo

Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.com said...

Happy Anniversary!!