Sep 23, 2014

one month

Our Carter man is one month old today.

I can't believe that I saw him for the first time a month ago. I still remember the exact sound of that first cry. This month has been filled with first time things. Mostly for us. Babies eat, poop, and sleep. That's Carter's order at least. He is so much more alert now. I love to see his eyes focusing on us more everyday. 

Adventures in the first month:

- Checked out great at our 2 day and 2 week check up.

- Went on our first couple of strolls in our stroller! I love our Britax!

- Stayed in onsies pretty much everyday…It was just easier!

- Had two sweet visits with his Bibby and Mimi. He also got to meet his great- grandmother, Nomie, and his Uncle T! 

- Had Daddy drive us all over the place.

- We ventured out on our first trip to Babies R Us trip by ourselves. 


You are our biggest joy! You love to be bounced every second that you are awake. You eat like a mad man and have the funniest look on your face when you are done. You are a fast eater and we normally are done nursing in 10-15 minutes. Sometimes we can get a good 20 in and I know you will nap good after that. We swaddle you every night because you love to be a little burrito. The tighter the better says Carter. Rosie loves to try to sneak kisses in when I put you down anywhere close to her. I have a feeling you two will be best friends when we start solids one day. 

I won't say who, but someone that weighs about 10 lbs does not like to be put down. But thank you, Jesus, for the Moby Wrap! You love it and normally fall asleep 5 minutes in. I try to put you in your bassinet when you do fall asleep, but the Moby wrap feels just as good to me as it does to you…so I keep you with me sometimes too ;). A good bounce or skin to skin will calm you down when you do get fussy. Most of the fussiness comes from gas though. You are a content little baby and it doesn't take me long to figure out why you are crying and can sooth you within a few minutes. You love to put your head on our shoulder and have your tush patted. Your daddy is the best at that. This past week you have been able to hold your head up like a pro and look around. You love lights. And my crosses on the wall in the hallway. You aren't crazy about tummy time so I try to get you down there when you are in your best mood. 

Our longest stretch of sleep at night has been 3 1/2 hours. We are working on it, but you just know when we are not holding you. You give me this look as if you are saying "Why would you ever put me down??" You sleep like a champ during the day. We'll figure it out.

You are the perfect little blend of your daddy and me. You are changing everyday and are so beautiful to us. You have your daddy's nose and my lips. I'm betting on your eyes staying blue and your hair staying brown. You are getting a few more rolls on those little legs of yours. I know in a month you will look like a totally different baby!

My favorite thing is that I feel like I can look right into your little brain and hear exactly what you are thinking. Its a sweet connection that I hope never ends. I know you feel protected when you are with us, and you always will be. We mostly want you to feel the protection of God over your life. We want you to know Jesus more than anything else. We want your little heart to be so in love with Him that no one has to guess where you place your trust. It's so easy to see you as ours, but we know whose you really are. We are so thankful that God saw us fit to raise you in this world. My heart just bursts thinking about all we have ahead of us. Thank you for being you! You are so wonderful and I don't know how but my heart loves you more everyday. 

We have so much fun with you! Thank you for such an exciting month! I wouldn't get up at 2 am for anyone else!

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Nicole said...

Wish I could meet you carter! I can't believe you are already a month old! Love the photos your mama posts. :)