Oct 12, 2014

The Bibby Visit

When Carter was 2 weeks old, his Bibby (my mom) came for a visit. There were tears and laughs as they met for the first time. She stayed for a week and we mostly just sat around the house and held our C man.

During the last few days that my mom was here, my brother and grandmother flew in to meet Carter. It was so nice to have our family here. 

It's so so hard when family leaves. Big crocodile tears were shed on the walk back to the car from the airport terminal. Its a little easier to keep busy and not dwell on the distance between us since Carter is my full time job now. Cuddles from him make it better!

We can't wait to get him back in his Bibbys arms again. It was the biggest help having her here while I was still healing and getting rest that I desperately needed.

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Nicole said...

Can’t imagine how hard it is for family to be so far away. What a strong Mama you are! I know that all the photos you share make it easier for the Mimi and Bibby :)