Aug 4, 2014

a precious read

Hey there! Im posting an actual non bump date, surprise! But it is all about pregnancy.

I feel like in the military its either really easy or really hard to make friends. And it really does depend on how involved you get in your community AND military community.

 I met Lauren (yep she blogs!) back in Florida and I really can't explain this friendship. Recently, a lady at church used the term "soul friend" and it clicked. Thats how to describe Lauren! Im not gonna get all pregnant hormonal crying behind this screen on you so I'll leave it at that.

I got two packages from Lauren last week. One was some adorable clothes that Eli, her new sweet precious perfect baby boy, has already grown out of. I almost cried just thinking of that. He is a little over 2 months and the cutest chunk you've ever seen. Anyways, the second package was a new mommy survival box. It had things you really don't ever dream your friends will send you one day…things that will help ease some pain following delivery if you get my drift (I am going to be so thankful for that box). 

But the best part of this box was 3 sheets of paper. These 3 fully typed sheets had 25 tips for Before Hospital/ After Hospital/ After the First 2-3 Weeks. I laughed and cried and became so excited about what is to come. It has literally been the best thing I have read in years. I felt like we were sitting at my house having a one on one conversation back in Destin, FL. After I read it, I immediately texted her and told her all this and that she HAD to post it to her blog. HAD TO. 

Well, she did!!! I wanted to share these sweet tips that is perfect for a mommy to be or a mom who has 3 kids and needs a little heartwarming read. Please go read these and follow her on bloglovin! You will not be disappointed!

Here are the links!

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Allison said...

That is so sweet of her! I am going to read this now!! :)