Aug 21, 2014

39 Week Bumpdate

(39 weeks)

How far along?
39 weeks and 4 days!

Baby size?
A watermelon

Banana Pudding might be happening this weekend.

I wish.

Im due on Sunday. I have them all. Though I have felt better this week than I have 36-38. My body knows its at the finish line.

This past weekend I had a little swelling in my ankles but it hasn't been back. I was kinda hoping it was a sign of labor! I take my ring off at night time just to be safe.

I haven't been crying. I feel like Ive had a pretty good attitude besides just ready to be done. Im soaking in all his little kicks because I know I will miss them. 

Looking forward to?
40 week (and 2 days) appointment on Tuesday. Its so exciting to not know when Carter will arrive! I have until September 4 to be surprised. I know it'll be any day now. I'm actually a little bored because nesting has come and gone and Ive gotten everything ready. Bags are waiting and food is in the freeze.

What's new?
I was 2 cm dilated last Tuesday at 38 weeks. We didn't check this week at the appointment, but he still hasn't dropped. Ive been walking a lot and doing all the cliche natural induction exercises I can. I have an exercise ball at home so I watch tv on that. Nick uses it as a foot rest. I'm hoping he will drop by Tuesday just for my minds sake. Tonight Im going to spin class in hopes that it pushes him in the right direction…DOWN. 

Nursery is done! Newborn photographer is booked! Family has all their plane tickets for September!

Nick this week?
Just waiting on Carter. Base is 5 minutes away so he can hop over here at any time. He's ready to be a daddy!


Masey said...

I am so excited for you and Nicholas! I can't wait to see pictures of that sweet little boy! I know he is going to be so beautiful!


The Worshams said...

so excited for both of you. you are about to experience God's love in a way you have never have before. Nick was THE FIRST baby I ever Babysat. Love to both of yall- being a mom is my greatest accomplishments (so Thankful God chose me to be a mama)! prayers for all of you!!!!! - aimee clayton worsham