Aug 1, 2014

36 Week Bumpdate…Light at the end of the tunnel!

Yep, full on blurry bathroom selfie. Sorry, folks. Best I could do! And the belly can definitely look much bigger at different angles.

How far along?
36 weeks (and 5 days whoops)

Baby size?
Toddler…Just kidding. He's a Honeydew.

Sweet everything.


Ok, the drama queen symptom. Not every symptom. My blood pressure is good. I haven't started swelling. I think Ive said it before but my goal is to where my wedding ring TO delivery. Still fitting fine so we will see!

My back HURTS. But its my mid back. I guess I shouldn't complain seeing as I go to my physical therapy appointment twice a week. It includes massage and chiropractor so yes. I get a massage twice a week. And its totally covered my insurance. 

Do you even realize how much you use your stomach/ core to do daily activites? Mostly getting out of bed. And I do that 3 times a night. I miss being able to sit up without help.

HOT HOT HOT. I am hot all of the time. Our friends let us borrow their portable ac unit to use in our bedroom. Praise Jesus. I don't even care about how much our bill will be at this point. Gimme that sweet air.

So you know when you used to look at your mom crazy when she would be reading some childrens book to you, and she just started crying.

Im that mom.

I cry. A lot. The other day, I asked Nick if he had seen My Dog Skip bc I want him to name our next dog (many years from now) Dink Jenkins... He has not nor does he like the name. Anyways, I go on to tell him about the movie and I get to the end… you know..where Skip has to be helped on the bed….and he just sits there waiting on Willie who is away at college… (Oh my gosh Im literally crying again). Anyways, as I was telling Nick, big ole crocodile tears started and I couldn't even finish. Nick looked scared and so confused. 

Also, don't watch Sweet Home Alabama during the coon dog cemetery scene. Something about dogs are just making me an emotional wreck. 

Looking forward to?
38 week appointment followed by Mommy Survival Training class. Im also going to do a infant CPR class at the hospital next week.

And of course, Carter's arrival in less than a month! (August 24 is due date)

What's new?
The nursery is almost completely done! I love how it turned out. Just a few last minute touches, but its ready when he is!

I got asked if I needed to skip ahead in front of 3 people at the bank this morning. I declined. I must look like its due date or something.

Im turning heads (not in a "hey girl" way) at the gym during Spin and Muscle Pump. Though Im skipping classes more these days. They probably think Im delivering when Im not there. I am working out until the end though!

Nick this week?
Playing in the ocean. Lots of diving. And we found out he does get leave when Carter arrives. Im soo excited for that bonding time between the 3 of us. 

Some new news that I have adjusted to and now really excited about. We talked and prayed over how we want to handle family and delivery. I always always pictured my mom being there but that was long before I knew Id ever live in CA. Since its so far away and I want Mom to have as much time with me AND Carter, we decided for her to book the flight 2 weeks after my due date. I would hate for her to come before his due date and him not arrive in time for her to have plenty time with him. Plus who knows the emotional roller coaster that I will be days before delivery. Now that I have let it marinate, I am so so excited to experience this time with Nick. Plus Mom will be here later to soak up time with Carter and help me when I need it most. Then the next week Nicks mom will be heading out to see us! I am so ready for them ALL to be out here. Life definitely does not go as you plan, but Ive learned flexibility and that God has good plans for this. I can't wait to see how it unfolds. Its going to be so so sweet and Im gonna cry just thinking about those first moments. So far, no induction date unless he goes 2 weeks over (which Im so happy about, hoping to stay away from it all together) and he will come when God says so! I just keep reminding myself that God already knows the exact second he will be here. I love that! Now to just stay as comfortable as possible (thank you twice a week massages) and sleep as much as I can. Im a rockstar napper right now.

So I guess jabber jaw is another symptom today, huh?


Nicole said...

You look great. I am so glad this pregnancy is going well for you!

Sam @ said...

You look gorgeous!!

Clinton Bashir said...

My wife is the only other woman who I have ever seen look as healthy and happy as you do at the 35 week mark in pregnancy. It's optimistic of you to want to wear your wedding band to delivery and I hope that your wish rings true. At the rate you're going, I don't see it being any kind of issue! Best of luck!

Clinton Bashir @ U.S. HealthWorks Spokane Valley