Sep 12, 2014

World, meet Carter.

Our Carter is here and he is perfect. 

Ten sweet fingers and ten sweet toes. I've never been in love with a tush so much in my whole life. He looks just like me when I was a newborn, but little man totally has his dad's profile. He's the perfect blend to me. I really can't describe these new feelings I have in the amount of time I have to write today…I'm wearing him as I type….and he likes me to walk.

I will say though, a part of my heart has been unlocked that I never knew existed. There are emotions and feelings just barreling out that I can barely handle because they are so big. 

We have a baby. It's just the best. 


Mariel Collins said...

Congratulations on your precious boy! Isn't motherhood the best!

Nicole said...

Yay!! Can't wait for more Mommy posts!! :)

Christen Coleman said...

Victoria, my sweet, beautiful, Victoria.. i just read your blog and in the middle of working I am just crying (big alligator tears). Your love for that child and the mere MOTHERHOOD you already are embracing is heartwarming. I look at your relationship with The Lord, Nick, and Carter in absolute ENVY. Love you so very much!!!!!