Jul 30, 2014

showers showers everywhere!

While I was in Mississippi, I had 3 wonderful baby showers! I was able to catch up with so many ladies and I was so thankful for that. Carter has been shown so much love already! I can't wait to bring him to Mississippi during Christmas! Since I have so many photos, thats what this post will be…Photos! 

The first one was hosted by my friends Kayla, Kelsey and Christen! These are the best quality pictures because of my friend Nicole that took my maternity photos (GO LOOK HERE!). It was such a sweet time with good food and friends!

My second shower was hosted by my aunt at her house! Some sweet ladies from my hometown joined us and we just had the best time! I received lots of Feltman outfits! My favorite!

 The last shower was in Tunica, MS (where Nick went to high school), hosted by a sweet family friend, Laura and the Tunica Lifepoint church group. Somehow I drove away from the shower without a picture with any of them! I LOVE me some Tunica bridal and baby showers. There is something so warm and traditional about Tunica, MS ladies. Its just too hard to describe.

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Nicole said...

You are going to have one well dressed baby! You all are so blessed to be surrounded by so many supportive and loving people :)