Jul 11, 2014

my maternity shoot

While I was back in Mississippi visiting friends and family, I had the opportunity to have my sweet friend, Nicole, take my maternity pictures. I am so so so pleased with them! It was a HOT day in June, but we powered through it and got some great photos that I will be able to keep forever. Something about the first pregnancy. This has been one of the sweetest times in my life. Even though pregnancy is starting to get a little uncomfortable and draining, I really do love being pregnant. It's been an easy one I'd say. Almost 6 weeks (more or less) until Carter is here and our world is ROCKED!

 I was so excited to have my friend, Kayla, come along for the session. We three had so much fun together. Lots of laughs and lots of memories.. We started out at Nicole's house and chatted for a bit before we got started. We began the shoot with some bare belly shots… Sorry to disappoint ;) ... Those won't be on any post even though they were some of my favorites.. Probably my all time favorite was a silhouette in front of a (closed!) window. It completely shows off your baby bump in the best way! If you've been on Pinterest before, Im sure you know exactly what Im talking about.

We then loaded up Rosie and headed to Southern Roots Nursery just down the road. Its the quaintest little spot you can find around Hernando, MS! I was so thrilled they let us shoot there! Photos galore coming your way!

After our nursery pictures, we headed back near Nicole's house to a path that she knew about. These are my favorite backgrounds. The sun hit perfectly and it was beautiful over there!

So I know Nicole and her husband Tyler are focusing on video right now, but this girl has major talent in the photography category!! Please go visit her personal blog and their business blog, 314 Productions (that is their Facebook page)! Thank you, Nicole, for capturing such a precious time in our life! You were amazing!!

Next stop, newborn pictures. If you can't tell… I love pictures!



Nicole said...

Those are great pictures. Good job Nicole!

Nicole said...
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Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.com said...

Oh my goodness these photos are gorgeous! You are so right about the sunlight in the last ones...it's amazing!!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous!! I so wanted outdoor maternity photos but it was cool, wet and dreary. I love the name you picked too. It was the boy name we didn't get to use this time around but will next time! :)