Jul 9, 2014

33 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 
33 Weeks

Baby size?
Almost the size of a butternut squash. I only say that because I have no idea what a Durian fruit is. Over 4 pounds now!

Sweet everything.


Back hurts more everyday.. My numb spot is getting bigger. Very uncomfortable to sit because he is in my ribs on the right side. If I'm home and not up moving, I'm lying down on my left side. 

My heart rate wants to shoot up quickly now so I look like a slacker in my spin and muscle pump classes. Oh well! I'm still moving pretty well for a pregnant lady. Gotta keep baby safe.

Irritable and then happy. I'm not liking all this rolling around I have to do if I want to get out of bed or off the couch.

Looking forward to?
Women's fellowship tonight and Breastfeeding class tomorrow!


What's new?
Just getting larger by the day I think! I finished a couple of DIY things for Carter's room. Once I get my chair, we can hang some shelves and finish up! Since we are moving in November, Im trying to only have what I need for the first 2-3 months. 

My medela is in the mail! It's on sale at Target right now! With the help of the sale, a coupon, and a target GC, we only paid 70 dollars for it. I was so excited! 

I'm going to pick up my cloth diapers this week! I can't wait to see them all! Anyone have a favorite brand?? We are going with mostly Thirsties for now!

Nick this week?
Training, training, training! God is so good though. As busy as he is now, he will slow down and  be around for birth and after. I know he will be such a help and I can't wait to have bonding time with Carter AND him!

I'll be sharing my maternity pictures with you soon! I'm getting that post together today when I have some time!

Have a good week!



Courtney Kassner said...

We LOVE our Sunbaby diapers!

Where are y'all moving to in Nov? Did I miss that post?

You're getting so close!

Nicole said...

You look beautiful! You definitely have that pregnancy glow. Continue to take care of yourself. These are the uncomfortable months but it's for a small amount of time. It's all worth it.