May 23, 2014

Nurse Pinning

Last Wednesday, I boarded my plane to Mississippi to see my little brother's Nurse Pinning Ceremony! I was so excited that I was able to be apart of it. I surprised Trenton by yelling at him to get up that next morning. It was so funny to see his face because he was NOT expecting me at all! I am so proud of him. He has accomplished so much. It's been a long road but we have gotten through some pretty tough times together. I can't believe that chubby baby is now 6'4 and an nursing school graduate! He takes his boards in June so keep him in your prayers!

Trenton and his high school basketball coaches. They are family to us. So thankful for their influence on Trenton's life!

Two nurses and a pharmacist! Smart group of friends here!

This is Trenton's girlfriend, Tori! I finally got to meet her this past week and I just love her already! She has such a kind spirit and Trenton is crazy about her.

Also, my good friend, Devin, was at the pinning supporting his mom. We graduated from high school together and have stayed good friends. He ALWAYS makes fun of my blog so of course I had to snag a picture of him (even though its blurry). He was secretly excited to be featured on a post.  

I didn't get any pictures from the party after, but we had a small get together for Trenton at the neatest place called Spit Fire Acres! It would be the perfect place for a high school reunion or wedding shower. We ate yummy bbq and had my moms chocolate cake. I was so happy to have REAL BBQ. Bless its heart, but California just doesn't know how to do it.

I am so proud of you Trenton! Let God be your guiding Light and you will go so far! I can't wait to watch this journey!

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Nicole said...

This is SO great!!! I know nursing school is no joke. Such an accomplishment!