May 27, 2014

27 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 
27 Weeks!
 (I did a 5k!! Ok, I walked a 5K. But it was speed walk with some wives and they never slowed down, so neither did I.)

Baby size?
A cauliflower. Around 2 pounds and 14 inches!

Sweet stuff. Probably because I actually have allowed myself sweet treats more than I ever have before. So my body is getting used to it. And loving it. I try to substitute yogurt and granola and only having dessert on the weekends. 

None. Everything tastes good. Salads are even tasting really good! Thank goodness.

I'm pretty achy in the hip/pubic bone/lower back region. It's mostly on my walks and when I get up after sitting or laying too long. Can't lay on my back or I get short of breath. Bathroom breaks constantly. Calf cramps have started. I apparently stretch my legs multiple times during my sleep and if I stretch with my toes pointed, a cramp catches me. But as soon as I flex my foot back its fine. Just surprises me at 2 am.

It's a day to day thing! You never know! Well, Nick never knows.

Looking forward to?
Doctor's appointment today at 1! Nick has the day off so he gets to go as well. We haven't listened to Carter's heartbeat recently so that will be fun as always. I'm supposed to have my glucose test today so I plan on bringing my kindle. Hopefully will be able to schedule our labor and delivery tour so that Nick can be there. 

I get to go back to Mississippi AGAIN in 2 weeks! 2 1/2 glorious weeks packed full of showers and family/friend time. Last time it'll be just me in Mississippi. Crazy!

What's new?
One of my best friend's Lauren (from Alaskan Adventures) had her sweet baby boy!! She probably won't be posting too much on her blog, but I bet she wouldn't mind you following her Instagram to see Baby Eli! He is beautiful and bringing them so much joy! Im loving the pictures and videos she sends me! Makes me really excited!

Nick this week?
Ran a leg in the Bomb Suit Relay at the EOD Warrior Dash yesterday which was Memorial Day! It was so much fun to watch them put on those suits and run a mile. It was a normal day in San Diego, so I'm sure the temp in that suit was outrageously hot.


Nursery Update?
My upholstered glider is ordered and should be here 6-8 weeks! Im excited to get it before Carter gets here so I can spend some quiet hours just rocking and praying over that room. Once the chair gets here, we will hang shelves and put some finishing touches on the rest of the room. Ive got a few things Ill be working on for his walls while we wait for the chair. While I was in MS, mom and I picked out fabric for the bedskirt so that's going to be made in the next month or so also! This week his nursery is a holding room for things I am selling in a garage sale this Saturday. Hopefully it'll be the last of the junk that is taking up unnecessary room in our closets. So ready for November so we can have actual storage in our new place!

That's it for this week! Carter is growing like a weed and getting close to my ribs. I'll be sore pretty soon, I'm sure! We love our little man and we are both having so much fun with this pregnancy. I love what its done to our marriage already!

Have a great Tuesday!



Emily Stewart said...

My favorite part. "You never know! Well, Nick never knows." Hahaha! You look great and I'm glad Nick gets to be there for nursery stuff and the doctor's appointment! :)

Courtney Kassner said...

You are so cute! And congrats on the 5K! I for sure didn't do that when I was pregnant! Did I miss the blog name change?! Love it!

Nicole said...

You’re the cutest thing ever. This is so fun!!! PS you would be proud of me. I ran and did some working out this morning AND I had a green smoothie! Small victories ;)

Sam @ said...

You look precious in all of these pictures! New follower...totally reading all of your old posts and catching up ;)