May 22, 2014

Baby in Belly Mother's Day

Though we didn't have a baby in hand this Mother's day, Nick was still sweet enough to celebrate Mother's Day for me. I began my 25th week of pregnancy on that Sunday. There was something so special about that day to me. Next year, Nick will most likely be deployed so I know it will be a little harder BUT I will have a sweet little 8-9 month old (ohmygoodness, I just teared up.) boy to preoccupy me!

After a sweet service at church, we made our way back home to grill out on our patio. We had Filet Mignon and chicken! Plus some yummy potatoes and "fried okra"( a post needed all on its own). We agreed it was our favorite meal made at home so far. I had a sweet tooth for something light and fruity so I dug around Pinterest and found a trifle that was close to what I made for his graduation. I can't remember if I used Angel Food cake or Pound cake last time, but since I didn't have time to make a pound cake, I just bought a round angel food cake. I wasn't disappointed. Rosie wasn't either a day later when I sent it with Nick to work. Which ended up left on a side table in our living room. And soon after, in Rosie's belly.

((Condensed Milk is the secret!!))

My blurry food pic

I think the rest of the day I spent redoing a coffee table that did not turn out like I wanted. Oh well! Its for sale now so I can get something else. Dark wax and I did not mesh well together. Its cute, just not what I want.

I can't wait have Carter in my arms next Mother's Day! I already know I will be spouting tears!

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Nicole said...

I saw your table on Facebook! I thought it was so cute! But, I have such a hard time with chalk paint and wax. Ugh. For some reason it is not easy for me! Haha! Love catching up with you, sweet girl! So glad you blog!