May 13, 2014

New Name and Look of "Anchored by Faith"

Welcome to my new blog! 

With this season of life ever changing, I really felt like a facelift for the blog was in order. I wanted something that showed my roots but could ride along with me with all the changes coming our way. Nick's cousin, Martha Kate, just redid her blog and I LOVED it! Please go take a look (Seasons with the Strattons) I got the name of her blog designer and emailed Rachel from Oh, Simple Thoughts that very second! What a joy to work with!! I gave her just a few details of what I was picturing and she quickly designed it! 

 As I was making a list of new names, The Hey Ya'll Diaries really stuck out to me. I got a little feedback from friends and family and they all agreed on this one. I feel motivated to blog again! It's always confusing when bloggers switch names and addresses, but hopefully I can make a smooth transition with this one. I just love that I still have all my posts from before. This is my scrapbook and I would have hated to lose all those memories!

So take a look around! I can't wait to get going with this design. It feels like a just got a brand new car!

Go over to the sidebar and grab my button!

The Hey Y'all Diaries



Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

PRECIOUS! I also LOVE the categories section on the side! That is absolutely darling! I love, love, love it!

Martha Kate Stratton said...

Ahhh I love it! Rachel is the best!