May 9, 2014

24 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 
24 weeks! 6 Months!! 

Baby size?
A cantaloupe. Ive got about a pound and a half of human life in me. How amazing is that?? And even though I decided not to do my weight gain (Do I reallllly want you to know how much weight I have to lose in 4 months??), Ive hit my 10-11 pound mark. Coming from a girl who has a little mental issue with weight gain, Im handling it pretty well!

Eh, just whatever. Food is good.

None. I feel normal. No more feeling so hungry that I could throw up.

Back issues. A few headaches. On Wednesday I had to take the whole afternoon to rest. Like lay on the couch and watch tv until dinner. And then only put enough effort in to eat left over taco salad because Nick was gone until 12 PM. I was soo tired! We registered on Saturday and Sunday I didn't get much of a break either somehow. I. Was. Tired. My body shut down on me but I feel fine now!

I cried on the way to church Sunday. Couldn't tell you what it was about. Other than that happy and healthy! Have to be thankful for that!

Looking forward to?
Something next week. I can't say though! Im like realllllllly excited and can't wait to share! I know your like, you've already announced pregnancy and gender, what else? It's actually nothing life altering. Just something I am beyond ready for!

Mother's Day. Something about C in my belly on that day just makes me happy. I know that day will be so special in the next few years. 

Oh, a new blog design coming your way! Get ready for fresh new changes!

One more big one! One of my very best friends, Lauren, is due next week!!!!!! I love this girl so much. We met at a bible study in Destin and her friendship has become so, so special to me! We text everyday still and she always has an encouraging word for me. Also, her family is awesome. They have sent me encouraging notes in the past few months and I can't tell you how it has brightened my day! I only met them once! What a blessing! Anyways, go see her cute belly (seriously, she is the cutest preggo) and follow along her Alaskan Adventures as Eli enters this world. I can't wait to see her be Mama!!!!

What's new?
Rosie got a haircut. And a choke collar (I like the name pinch collar better). I know, aren't I the worst. She is a nightmare to walk with and this fixed the problem in literally 10 seconds. Hey, the moment she stops pulling, it stops pinching.

I love maternity shorts! Wish they were acceptable after pregnancy.

Carter is KICKING. All the time! He is still low so Im not hurting yet.

Nick this week?
Doing crazy Navy things. He comes home with fun stories all of the time. I love that he loves what he does. 

Nursery Update?
So since the beginning of looking at boy nurseries, I knew I had to have these prints I saw on a nursery blog. I somehow figured out what shop they were from and ordered the DAY I found them. I even scored a 40% off my order that day!

This is one of 4 I chose. I did 3 8x10s and 1 5x7. I love the whimsical old fashioned style. I can't wait to get them all framed and a shelf to put them on. They are so classy and remind me of old storybooks like the original Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo. It's all coming together very slowly, but I know exactly what I want to do. I just want a classy boy nursery that is soothing for the both of us. The only thing I might change is the frame for this print. I think its a bit to small. Please go check out Trafalgar's Square Etsy Shop. I am also going to purchase their new book Oliver's Tree at Barnes and Noble soon. All the sweet characters are in the book. I love love love it!

Have a great week!



Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

Oh my goodness- I love, love, love these updates! I can only imagine how exciting this weekend will be for you as a mama-to-be! AND: YOU LOOK FABULOUS!
Can't wait to hear all the big news and see the new design coming!

Nicole said...

You’re so cute! Can’t wait to see the new blog design!

The Woodards said...

You are the most gorgeous, glowing pregger ever. I am LOVING seeing all your sweet pictures and swooning over every detail of your updates. The new look and name for your blog just fits it so perfectly. And I'm so happy our family has been a blessing to you! Here's to hoping Eli actually comes this week ha! I know I'm going to be a better mama because of your friendship. You are so precious to me and I'm blessed beyond belief that we are in this together!