May 21, 2014

Mississippi Trip

So last week I told you I was so excited about something. I surprised my brother and hopped on a plane to see his Nurse Pinning Ceremony! It was sooooooo good to be back in Mississippi. I had a list of restaurants that I wanted to go to and I definitely made a dent in it. Thank goodness my glucose test is next week ;). Anyways, it was a short trip but so worth it. 

I'll be honest. I was a little nervous because I am over 6 months pregnant and this was the first time I saw ANYONE back home. Everyone made me feel so good, though! It was so encouraging!

I was able to make this trip pretty productive without wearing myself out. Thursday I headed to Hernando to see my friend Kayla and her new house and puppy. Like I always say, it was exactly what I needed! We made a quick trip to Walmart and then had lunch at one of my faves, Windy City Grill. I was so happy to get my favorite salad and get to laugh with Kayla. 

After that, I headed back to Senatobia and picked up a couple of things again at Walmart for my mom. It wouldn't be home if I didn't go to Walmart twice a day! I stopped by my old work and ended up staying for over an hour talking to those funny girls. I miss them so much!!! We used to have so much fun in between cutting hair. Heather is about a month ahead of me so we had to take a preggo picture! She has the pose down perfectly! I need to work on it! I know Carter and Raylan will have so much fun together. We laughed that we stood under and EXIT sign. Not yet, boys!! Stay in there!

Friday, my mom and and I headed into Memphis to test out gliders. I have mine narrowed down and can't wait to get it ordered here in California! I know many sweet hours will be spent in that chair over the next few years. The store we went to had a second location called Spoiled Sweet in Germantown and they told us that they had more clothes. They gave us a coupon and we headed that way. OH MY GOODNESS. One of the best smocked outfit stores I have ever been to! These are 2 of the 3 outfits we picked out. The one on the right is being monogrammed and I will pick it up in June! I could have bought out the store. And the prices were very reasonable! If it looks like Prince George, I'm buying it!

I don't have anymore pictures, but on Saturday I met Kayla and Chad at the A Fair back in Hernando. We didn't buy anything but it was fun to see familiar faces and see all the southern charm. I met up with Kelsey, Jake and Everit (remember the baby shower we had for them?), we had sweet tea and giggled at Everit in his stroller. I also FINALLY got to see my sweet friend Amber and her new baby girl Anniston! Oh my goodness, what a doll!  After that I found my good highshcool friends, Daniel, Lindsay and Cole and stayed under their tent for a while. They were selling the neatest driftwood candle holders. I will have to find out if they have a Facebook page to spread around. I definitely should have taken pictures. I plan on buying a couple of birthday gifts from them in June when I am back home. 

Sunday was church and then a cookout for my new cousin (my uncle just got married last year :) ) to celebrate her graduating high school. After that I headed to stay with Nick's family for the night. We had fun looking at Nick's baby pictures and Mrs. Jan gave me 4 or 5 of Nick's CUTE baby outfits!! I am soo excited! I can't wait for Carter to wear his daddy's john johns!!

Monday, I headed back into town and we went to the beauty supply house so I could stock up on some goods. I am a hairdresser and can't help but be a hair product snob. We ate at my favorite mexican restaurant and went home for a nap. Well, I napped. They cleaned the house. We didn't do much the rest of the night but that was just fine with me. 

I had an early flight back home and made it back by 10:15 AM so I had the whole day to rest after my flights. It was so good to see my husband and Rosie. Ill be honest, I was a little sad to head back to California. If it just wasn't so far away……but God is using this for something. No matter how much it hurts to be away from family, I have to remember that. And its not a forever thing. Plus, Ill be back in less than a MONTH for baby showers!!!! 

So that was my trip to Mississippi! Short but sweet. I was so glad to see so many familiar faces. Cant wait for the 11th!



Nicole said...

What a sweet trip for you to be with your best friends! Love that everyone was around for you to see. I know that must be such an encouragement to you!

Martha Kate Stratton said...

Awe this post made me so happy. Those outfits are ADORABLE! So crazy that we were flying back to California on the same day. I definitely get you on being sad to be back. It is just so far away!