May 1, 2014

What's Going On- April 2014

This week has been hot. Its a different kind of hot though. My body isn't handling it well, at all. I'm thinking the pregnancy has a lot to do with it but my goodness. I thought if you lived in San Diego, you didn't need an air conditioner? WRONG! Very wrong. Our unit doesn't have one because we live one block from the beach. I am getting more ready everyday to move into military housing…but until then, Thank you, Lord, for a roof over my head! Please send a cool breeze or 1,0000.

This is gonna be a "what pictures are on my Mac and my phone" type post. The fun kind you just can't wait to read, right? 

Anyways, let's see whats been going on besides bump dates!

I should have gotten a better picture of just the Mommy and Daddy, but we had a surprise diaper shower for our friends Donnie and Jenny! Chloe will be here in the middle of May and we can't wait to spoil her!

My sweet husband battling till the end of the Dirty Diaper game! I'll spare you the pictures of the guys eating the chocolate out of the diapers. Ladies, if you have a couple's baby shower, make the men play this. Its the absolute funniest thing ever! They get into it and aren't scared to shout out hilarious answers.

Rosie has been just as cute as ever. She's still my favorite girl! She is thrilled that Carter is a boy ;)

I know I shouldn't be buying too many clothes for C, but when I think of little boys.. I think blue and white Osh Kosh overalls. Had to have them!

We celebrated our last "just us' Easter! We spent the morning at a Sunrise Service on the beach and then our normal service at church. My friend and I got a menu together a couple weeks ago for a Easter "team lunch" so we headed over there for a late lunch. Of course we had extra guys there which is always ok with us! We ate some yummy food and headed home for most likely a nap. Hey, Im pregnant. Mostly lazy, but pregnant is my excuse for now.

I haven't figured out my pregnant picture stance. I mostly feel awkward unless Im in my Baby Bumpdate Stance. Hopefully Ill figure it out before any baby showers!

Look at that belly! It looks so big from the top! And Rosie was cuddling with Carter. I bet she heard him…he was movin' and groovin' here!

That's been my life the past month! Ill be doing my 6 month bump date next week! This belly has popped in the last week! And we might finally go register this weekend! 

Here is a look at Easter last year. I got way more into the decorations for sure! And Rosie was just a babe! I miss that round puppy face! Gotta stop looking so I don't go buy another Cocker Spaniel this week!



Lisa C said...

6 months already! How time flies.

Nicole said...

As much as I love the bump dates, I LOVED this!!! It is so fun getting a look into your life there. I am so proud of you and it makes my heart happy to see the sweet friends that you have. And you know I LOVE all the sweet MS details you added to the diaper shower! Showing those girls how its done in the south! ;) Can’t wait until you get here NEXT month!!!

Courtney Kassner said...

6 months already?! Wow, time is flying! You look great! Hope you get some cool breezes soon!