Mar 1, 2014

15 Weeks

Yes, this is last week's post. I deleted half of my bump date and then reverted it back to draft somehow in about 5 seconds. Sorry, if this posts again! I'm not 15 weeks for the second week in a row, don't worry! I am just posting again so I can have it, a slightly less detailed one of course. I can't remember too much these days. Super annoying but didn't cry about it. Surprisingly. 16 week will be up Wednesday!

How far along? 
15 weeks

 Baby size?
A navel orange

Other than just eating everything, nope!

Smells, and shredded cheese!

Headaches and migraines!

So so!

Looking forward to?
Feeling baby move!

Nick this week?
He said to me, "We're going to be parents". Melt my heart. And scare me to death.

What's new?

On Thursday (I was 14w4d), my bible study group and I went to CAPS. It is a free pregnancy center that helps those around San Diego. We went as a group to donate some items and learn about the center. I know most of our group is ready to get involved after visiting. The ladies that work there love Jesus and love to help those in need. What a breath of fresh air here! They are on a mission for God and they are making a difference one lady at a time.

While they were doing their introductions, they asked if any of us were pregnant! I knew something fun might happen then. They offered to do an ultrasound for me since there were a couple new techs in the back that they were training. Uh YES, please!! I didn't think I'd get another ultrasound until the gender reveal at 20 weeks. I got to watch Baby move for almost 45 minutes. It was heaven to me! Plus, all my bible study ladies got to come and view Baby on the screen with me. Talk about special!!! 10 or so ladies in the room with you going goo goo over Baby moving on the screen. Ah! I just can't explain that kind of joy! Thank you, Lord, for such an amazing family of ladies I have at the church and that experience!

Also, unrelated to this pregnancy, I got tickets for last Wednesday's American Idol show! Oh my goodness, I was excited! My 2 sweet friends, Lauren and Jenny, went with me and we had the BEST time! I love Ryan Seacrest and he's just as awesome in person! Not that I met him or anything, but he just had that awesome way about him! Haha. What an experience. We were on TV a couple times also. So fun!

Waiting in Wonder Memory verse this week:

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me--put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.
Philippians 4:9



Katherine Newsom said...

OH MY GOODNESS! I have so missed your sweet blog posts! Also,I hope to see you at the blate tomorrow! So wonderful about the surprise ultrasound! So jealous about American Idol! And I love the memory verse - I will have to get that devotional for when that time comes for us! I love your baby questions and little baby bump! So sweet!! Also, your condo looks really nice! And we should do lunch again - this time, someplace close to you, sometime this month! Hope to see you tomorrow!!

Courtney Kassner said...

You look great! One day you'll look down and wonder where that big baby bump came from all of the sudden! I had terrible headaches too. It was awful so I feel for you. Luckily, mine went away once I got into the second trimester a little bit. (Maybe around 19 weeks?) And what a special time to see that sweet baby on the ultrasound! Sounds like so much fun!

Nicole said...

You're the cutest. I can't get over all the "mom"ness that's all over social media. It makes me want to be in California stat and talk about it all the time!!! Love!!

Allison said...

Aw how sweet you got an extra bonus ultrasound. That is amazing! And the American Idol concert looks like so much fun!!!