Mar 7, 2014

Gender Reveal Party Invites

To those who follow me on Instagram or Facebook, its probably obvious I'm bubbling with joy today! 

My friend Kayla and I have been brainstorming invites to use for my Gender Reveal Party in April. Since I will be far away from friends and family, we went with a virtual invite for far away friends and family and a printable invite for our friends here! They look the same but have different info, obviously! It's so funny because the one I liked best was the one she was going to send me to see what I thought! She worked her magic and came up with the cutest little invite I've ever seen! As embarrassing as it is, I'll probably frame it!

My other friend, Kelsey (look here at the baby shower we had for her and Everit), had the best idea for her Gender Reveal Party and set up a Ustream account for people like me who couldn't attend in person. Oh I was there in spirit BELIEVE me! I might have even shed a few tears of joy when I saw blue balloons! Anyways, I decided to use her idea and I've set up my Ustream channel for April 4! I want those back home to be able to watch our LIVE reactions to finding out if we will be covered in ruffles or dirt! 

So, to all of you who love gender reveal parties, we invite you to "attend"! We would love to have you there! Plus, if you are like me, you watch every gender reveal video you can find even if you don't know the people. And have tears every time!

That is 7PM Pacific! So if you are on the East coast and tune in at 7 your time, you might be wondering why the screen is so dark! ;)

I love the colors on the invite and am trying to create a party that is more peach/salmon and mint colored! It's actually a little challenging, so we will see how it goes! I want this party to be about our friends and family celebrating life and we want to celebrate THEM instead of the other way around. We don't want gifts or anything like that! I am thinking up (let's be honest, pinteresting, duh.)  ideas for food, sweet little decorations, and some fun things for our friends to join in on!  I can't wait for our moms to be here to help finish up all the little details!

I'll be 4 months on Sunday. 4 MONTHS. Goodness. Thank you, Lord, for allowing us 9 months of pregnancy. I know I'll never be mentally prepared, but 9 months is better than anything sooner! I'm sure by the time I get uncomfortable I'll be wishing pregnancy was only 6 months!

Have a great weekend! I'll see you next week with a 16 week bump date. I see changes everyday! Yikes.



Allison said...

Love, love, love your invite. And how fun to do a virtual reveal!! P.S. How were we not insta friends? I just changed that! :)

Katherine said...

Love this so much!!! We CAN'T WAIT for the reveal party :) And yes my hubby is coming and is ready to meet all these "strangers" I've been having so much fun with these past few months! It's highlighted on my calendar - SO HAPPY FOR YALL :) Also how cool to have a livestream "virtual reveal" of it for everyone back home! We will have to keep that in mind... Have lots of fun preparing for the little one! I am beyond ecstatic for you! Hope little Rosie is ready to be a big sister too :)

Courtney Kassner said...

This is so exciting! I totally want to "attend"! Please post a reminder closer to time! Yay!