Dec 17, 2013

first blogger meet up- pottery painting

This past weekend was a busy one. Nick and I normally hang out at home and watch tv or do the occasional DIY project. Which has been going on a lot since Christmas present season is here. This weekend was great though! We put together some frames for the house AND I met some very fun gals!  Oh and the most exciting news……. We found a church home!

If you have moved away from your home church (for good), you know what I am about to say. IT IS HARD. It is hard to find a church home. Though its not at all the right thing, you instinctively compare.   We were a little defeated. But the past two Sundays, we were fed. I love the family feel of this church. There always seems to be something to go to or get involved in. We found a bible preaching church and we are ready to serve! I am so excited to invest in this church family. If you are in the San Diego area near Coronado Island, please come visit First Baptist Coronado! You will feel right at home! Plus you will be in the quaintest town you've ever seen! Win-win.

Okay, let's rewind back to Friday! I'll just share a quick picture since I want to tell you all about Saturday!

iPhone quality obviously, but I did't want to be the new girl who brought the huge mom camera. Oh and sorry about the trash tray. I was definitely not being the most observant blogger that night.

Onward to Saturday! 

This little group was awesome! We are all military bloggers so that connection is instant! I feel like everyone felt right at home even though first time meetings can make you a little anxious. The girls who had been meeting a couple times before made us new gals feel so welcome! God just works things out when you need it most!

I met up with Katie, from Going Coastal, and we hopped in the car to make our way to meet the rest of the girls at Panera! We had a yummy lunch and two of the girls even brought us some Christmas happies! So so sweet! After lunch we walked over to Color Me Mine to paint some pottery. That place was hoppin. Thank goodness our thoughtful group leaders had organized it and already reserved us a couple of tables. We all finally picked out of pieces and paint colors, and spent the next couple of hours laughing and painting.  It was so good for the soul! Plus we all walked away with 7 new friends! It makes a difference when you move to a brand new BIG place. These girls have some fun personalities that will be so so good for me when the hard times come! I'm so thankful for the blog world on days like this. When the bloggers become people you SEE, it makes it even more fun!

Our Group!

Left to right:
Jes of Bleu Dress Jes
Kara of Ramblings of a Marine Wife
Ines of the few, THE PROUD, the wife
Emily of Going Coastal
Katherine of The Newsom's Nest

Have a good Tuesday!



Emily Stewart said...

Yay for finding a church and what a twofer since it's in Coronado! To say I'm obsessed with Coronado is an understatement. That's where Ryan's base is (North Island) and every time I'm there I just rant and rave about how much I want to buy one of the multi-million dollar houses. Sounds reasonable, right?

Anyway, so glad you girls had a great time at the meet-up and can't wait for the next one! :)

Kara said...

It was so nice meeting you! It's not always easy to find a great group of girls, but I think we managed it!

Yay for finding a church! I wasn't too concerned about finding a church, but now that my kids are a little older, I want to be able to take them. They need more than my explanations of things. My husband and I can't agree (more like I'm open to try anything and he is set on one thing) on one though. My daughter goes to a Lutheran preschool though and I love the things she comes home and tells me.

Nicole said...

This makes me so excited for you!! And I can't wait to see your finished mug!!

Katie said...

I hadn't seen your cute little heart inside your mug! Love it! Can't wait for them to be done! So so good to get together with everyone :)

ines said...

it was so nice meeting you!

Jes said...

It was great to meet you and I'm so glad to hear you had a good time.

Our mission to find a new church started out really rough and then came to a screeching halt when football season started (this 10am kickoff thing is hard to adjust to). Coronado isn't far from us so you may just see us there sometime!