Dec 23, 2013

Christmas Dinner Planning!

 Christmas is two days away and I'm still wrapping gifts. Stay at home wife fail. The rest of my day will be dedicated to finishing gifts, grocery shopping, and prepping for Christmas Day meal. I'm promising myself.

We plan on having just a few of our friends over (you never know what the actual number will be when you are planning with guys). I have decided on a simple dinner..ok compared to what I normally try to plan for Christmas Day. How did anyone plan Christmas before Pinterest? Ok, most of my dishes are what my family has cooked for years so, I don't feel like I'm fakin it till I make it too much. Here are a few very traditional…very boring…but makesmefeellikeimhome dishes that will be on the Bobo's serving platters this year!

Last year, even though I had my mom and my mother in law at our house last year, I somehow missed the idea of thawing your turkey a few days before. Don't worry. I was on top of it this year. Plus this is exactly how my grandmother does her turkey, so now I can just have my handy dandy Mac by my side in the kitchen. 

I always, always use Campbell's recipe. It's just the best to me. The only thing different is I load up on the French Fried Onions on top. Like, who wants to see green beans when you take your first peak at at the green bean casserole?

Honestly, I don't use this recipe only because I don't follow any recipe (I just needed a picture). Canned sweet corned, canned or frozen creamed corn, butter and sugar……I think thats it. But its yummy and my husband loves my corn and requests this a lot.


This is actually my before picture from Thanksgiving. Failed at the after, but you get the point. DRESSING IS MY FAVORITE THING EVER. And it better have lots of sage, like the first time I watched my mom make it, I thought she messed up big time. But its good and I love it and I only make it once a year. I should change that.

I so wish I had remembered to pick up some pepper jelly from a Mississippi boutique while I was home. Hopefully I can scrounge up something decent at the commissary today. I saw a bag of mini toast and knew I had to add some pepper jelly to this Christmas.

And finally…….

I really am following the recipe on this one. Back home when we went to Lifegroups, one of my friends made THE BEST chocolate cobbler. I'm hoping this is just as good. Adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream will help out the final outcome either way!

Hope you have a special, special Christmas. I have been so reminded what this Christmas is about this year. We have seen a new way of life here in San Diego and some things absolutely break my heart. I pray we open our eyes and our hearts to those in need this season and let it be a habit that doesn't go away after December 25th. Hold those you love as close to you as you can! May the next two days  (and many more after that) be filled with blessings and peace! 



Nicole said...

Always encouraged by your sweet spirit and great attitude towards new things. It sounds like your Christmas dinner is going to be AMAZING and I know those in your home will feel so loved! Merry SECOND married Christmas!

Jes said...

I feel exactly the same about stuffing/dressing! Exactly