Dec 13, 2013

Busy Season

It's a busy season in the Bobo household. Finally wrapping up on organizing our home. Almost impossible in the middle of Christmas season. But it couldn't be a cozier time here! The weather is a little chilly. Way chillier than I expected. Most days, Rosie and I are huddled up by the space heater sewing or wrapping presents.

(It wasn't on at this point…What a smart dog ;) )

Oh and while I am on the topic of sewing….WHERE HAS THIS SKILL BEEN MY WHOLE LIFE?... I want to show you what I have made, but they are mostly family Christmas presents, so I can't post just yet! So much fun. And so handy. Nick and I have taken this whole week and made most of the Christmas presents that we are giving to our family! I'm ready for a slower time so I can make us some goodies as well.

Tomorrow, I'm going to meet a few blog ladies for my first blogger meet up! I will try to sneak a few pictures in to show next week! I am super excited to meet some girls from San Diego! I have already met one sweet blog friend, Katherine, who lives just North of San Diego. We had so much fun seeing Frozen on Monday and checking out a cute bakery in her neck of the woods! Definitely will be seeing her again, actually tomorrow to be exact! Go show her some love!

That's been my busy week! Now we are about to be off to Nick's work Christmas party! 



BleuDress Jes said...

Canto meet you tomorrow!

Katherine Newsom said...

you are too sweet! Cannot wait to see everyone tomorrow! (or should I say today? I know, I'm a night owl!) I would love some sewing lessons from you one day. And other than tomorrow, perhaps after Christmas busy ness, we can meet for lunch over by you! The weather is definitely colder than I expected too, hope it warms up soon. Sweet pictures of your pup too, and I love your Christmas d├ęcor. Anyway, see you in the morning!

Nicole said...

I just want to come over to your sweet home!!! It looks so happy and cozy!

Allison said...

I love how you strung your cards. So cute and festive!