Dec 30, 2013

2013 Recap- Part 1


It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t procrastinate a blog post. Especially an in depth one as this one.  Jumping on the bandwagon over here. I think I owe it to my future self since this IS what my little blog is for. A journal. A place to come and remember this season of life.  So here it goes…2013 recap!

Did you know I haven’t even been blogging for a year? Ok, you probably did because I am very amateur at this. But it IS crazy to think about for me. As I write this post, I am able to look back on so many things I would have forgotten had it not been for Anchored By Faith. Some days I really am thankful for technology and the internet.


We were finally able to take a little honeymoon. Last year, when we were married, Nick had to be back to Florida for work 2 days after our wedding. We planned to finally have a honeymoon during our 2 weeks of vacation over Christmas break. We stayed in Helen, GA, in a CUTE little cabin in the mountains. It was peaceful and such a sweet time for us.

The Birthday boy turned 25!


The most important thing of the whole year happened (just kidding)…..We brought Rosie home! She has filled our home with so much joy and so many laughs. She has most importantly been there through  tears and pain with smothering puppy kisses at just the right time. 


This is the month that I started my blog! You can read a couple of my first posts here and here. We enjoyed a visit from Nick's brother, Taylor, while he was spring breaking with some of his friends in Destin. We also went to dinner with my two closest friends from Florida for Lauren's birthday. Oh how I miss those friends. Thank goodness for the internet (again!) and FaceTime! 

Camylle's face. Dying over here.

And of course Easter was on the 31st! Mom and Trenton came for the weekend to celebrate Easter. I decorated and put on a little scavenger hunt for Nick, Mom, and Trenton. SO much fun. We went to Church for the Easter service and they headed back to MS. I miss them being so close by!


April was a busy, busy month from the looks of my blog.

April brought friends. Friends that will have a special place in my heart through out this life. My friend Lauren and I began a bible study at my house with a group of girls that almost doubled in size by the end. Precious moments happened in the pages of this Esther Bible study. I am so thankful that God put it on our hearts to be uncomfortable and ask a group of ladies we had never met to study God's word each week. I'm praying for another opportunity to happen soon here in San Diego. 

Rosie got a new ride!

We found out we were going to San Diego here..

We celebrated six months of marriage here….

And I wrote this post about dirty socks. I might cry if I read that one right now.


We were able to go home for Mother's day which meant the world to us. Both sides of the family came to Nick's parents house for a cook out and to celebrate all the mothers in our life!

May brought on perfect weather and we were outside a lot! Lots of kayaking and water time. It was so fun to do these things with Nick.

I also got to travel a couple of hours to see my sweet friend, Kayla, and her family while they were in Gulf Shores! It was so much fun to have time with her. I miss her so much but our daily phone calls help until she can come visit in CA ;)


I wrote about Eglin's EOD school FRG here and here. These were awesome events that made you feel right at home with your military family. I encourage everyone to join an FRG or some type of group to get you involved with ladies who go through the same thing as you!

Rosie made baby friends.

I also talked about my struggle when I moved to Destin away from all of my friends and family in this post. I have been through the same thing in the last month so this post is a little therapeutic knowing I have gone through it and WILL survive as I lean on God.

So there is my January- June! I am so excited to be able to look back on God's hand in EVERYTHING in our life. He has blessed us through the joy and through the pain. I will be writing the second part of this while we are on our way to Big Bear Lake for New Year's Eve. Our second New Year's in the mountains. Seems like this might be a pattern! Have a great Monday!


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Nicole said...

What a sweet first FULL year as a Bobo! I, for one, am so glad you started blogging so I could keep up with all your happenings. But, more than that, I'm so glad I got a little look at what The Lord was doing in your life. You're a constant encouragement and you challenge me (and others!) to seek The Lord first and put him above all else. Thank you for sharing your stories and your heart for Jesus! It's a blessing!