Dec 4, 2013

Update: It's been a while!

Oh hey there.

I am honestly embarrassed about the length of time I have not blogged. It's just been BUSY. So since my last post, we have moved and settled into our condo by the beach! Yes, I can see sand from the front door! I can hear the waves and smell the salty air of the Pacifica Ocean. Rosie has a park across the street which I visit every morning with her in my pajamas. It's California. I can do that.

I've had some fun exploring the area the past few weeks. I've gotten to spend tons of time with Nick and we have finally found our routine. He is just the best. I'm glad I married him.

On Black Friday, we ventured into the mountains and visited a little town called Julian. Julian is known for their apple orchards (and apple pie, of course). It is absolutely the quaintest little town. We visited all the store in the downtown area. We left with Christmas potpouri and a whole apple pie.

I have never had a real tree for Christmas and this year I knew that was a tradition I wanted to start. Julian had a cute family owned Christmas tree farm that was perfect! It took us about 2 minutes to find our tree! It look perfect with my DIY tree skirt.

It took us a couple of days to get all set up for Christmas but we finally got there and I'm happy with it!

During my engagement, some precious ladies hosted a holiday shower for me. I got so many sweet things to decorate my house with for each season. One of the most special gifts that I received was BOXES of ornaments from Nick's sweet Mammie. These aren't just any ornaments. She has been collecting these Hallmark ornaments since Nick was born that she planned on giving him once he got married. Makes your heart melt. I have dozens and dozens. Sentimental things like this just fill my heart with joy. And this sweet woman didn't even tell Nick about them all these years. We will cherish these for years and years, and I know our future babies will enjoy them so much. The one pictured above is my favorite for obvious reasons. 

I realized I was just taking pictures of myself in most of these, so here ya go!

You can purchase this cute Advent Calendar here. I'll be using these every year! I just love them!

I didn't get to use my Christmas dishes last year, so these babies were out on the table on Thanksgiving! Now for napkins and a table runner! 

It's different here. Really different. And I get asked all the time where I am from. I sound like a little country bumpkin apparently. Did I tell you the movers called me Ellie May?

Well, there is my little update! God is blessing us so much and we are enjoying this new season with each other. I'll be back soon, I promise! ;)

Oh yes, and before I left MS, I was able to go to dinner with my family and get some good pictures! Now that I am 2,000 miles away, moments like this mean so much to me!

Happy Wednesday!



Chelsea Kebrdle said...

Friend! I LOVE that you are getting settled in so nicely and soaking up so much time with your sweet man!! I know God's got His hand all over y'all in this new chapter and I'm excited to see it all unfold. Praise God for having one another and already making so many sweet memories, esp at this time of year! Yay :) Miss talking. Think of y'all often. XO

Heather said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are settling into Cali well! Your Christmas decorations are beautiful :).

Katie said...

Your house is beautiful - you look very settled! Welcome to California! :)

Katie said...

*You're - blah sorry! That makes me look so uneducated!

Nicole said...

I just really love it all, friend! Your tree looks so dreamy. Can't wait to see your first Christmas in your new home!

Nicole said...

Lovely decorations! You're creativity shines through :) So nice to meet you yesterday.