Dec 31, 2013

2013 Recap- Part 2

We made it to the mountains and I definitely couldn't do my part 2 on the drive. Concentrating on anything while driving will make me carsick fast. So now I'm using a little down time in between our hiking trip and New Year's Eve dinner. We plan on walking around Big Bear Village and finding a spot to eat! Wish us luck with no reservations! So here it goes…Round 2.. Ding ding ding!


We celebrated July 4th, of course! We had our friends over and cooked out. It was fun as always and looking at the pictures, I'm missing our house. So many memories were made and it was a great set up! I love our home now, but something about the first placed you lived when you are married. I can't wait to drive in our neighborhood many years down the road.

We also visited our dear friends, the Carikers, while they were on vacation!

We had a first "reunion" while Krista (in the middle with new born Molly) was in town for a week. These were the two friends I made at the bible study I randomly decided to go to a FBC in Niceville. God was a work big time!

If you follow my Instagram, you might have seen this! I followed Unveiled Wife and did this great devotion! I am starting it for the second time tomorrow! Follow her on Instagram! It's not too late to begin!


We took a getaway to Grayton Beach. We stayed at a cute bed and breakfast called Hibiscus. We did all the vacationy things you do. It was so fun and just what we needed since Nick was about to graduate and head into training!

I didn't blog about the next thing for a few reasons (nothing dramatic, some things in our military life just need to not be shared on the internet for safety reasons!) Nick graduated from his school! A lot of our family came in town and we celebrated Nick graduating a very hard school! I am still so proud of how he was able to keep any stress of work away from our marriage and home life. I really miss that school actually!

We stayed in Destin at a cute beach house with Nick's family after graduation. We drank coffee and took it easy. It was wonderful!

September was a month of change. Nick went to training and I moved from Florida back home to Mississippi. I was there until November so I soaked in time with friends and family.

My traveling buddy in the first picture. The second is of some family friend's children that I got to see on the way home to Mississippi.

Oh yeah and the video I made of highlights from Florida. Link is here.


I was able to help throw a shower with some girls for one of my best friends, Kelsey! (She went into labor a day or two later!) I can't believe Everit has been here almost 3 months this month. I have loved watching Kelsey naturally become such a wonderful mother. I just wish I was closer to kiss that cute belly of his!

Too many pictures now, but October 7th we celebrated our first year of marriage! What an amazing year!

Dinner at Flight.. GO THERE!

We hit the road to find a home in California! What a wonderful and stressful time! We found it the first day. I will always remember the beautiful drive!


After that, I came home for another couple of weeks. I went to a Priscilla Shirer event with my mom and some of my best girl friends! Such a good message for before my life changed again!
A little farewell lunch with my family!!!

We did have Thanksgiving I promise! We just didn't capture it on camera! Boo on me!


I was finally able to use my Christmas decorations that I got for wedding gifts! I even had my mom, Nick's mom and Nick's grandmother add to my Nativity scene!

We went to Nick's work Christmas party. Love having reasons to really dress up!

Something exciting happened this month! I went to my first military wives blogging group! We painted pottery if you couldn't tell. Such a fun group of girls that will come in very handy the next few years! Can't wait for January meet up! 

I hosted Christmas dinner and we had a couple of guys over. I made them use the nice dinnerware too! I'm sure they were thrilled. We had a great Christmas break and got lots of rest and watched lots of Netflix. 

As I type, we are in our cabin at Big Bear Lake. We are ringing in the New Year in the mountains again. We hiked today and will do dinner tonight! Rosie had a ball acting like a wild animal in the woods.

I'm sure that was boring and most of you won't make it this far (besides my family of course ;) ) I know I will enjoy looking back on this season with Nick and Rosie. We have had a whole lot of love this year, during the fun times and during the painful times. I am so thankful that God placed Nick in my life and the wholeness he brings me! I can't wait to see what 2014 brings. I know I won't be disappointed! 

Have a great New Years! 



Nicole said...

Love. What a great year with your love. I love seeing what The Lord is doing in your life and marriage!!

Chelsea Kebrdle said...

Love reading this friend! Not boring at all. :) have loved knowing you through some of this years moments. You're a beautiful soul! How gorgeous is Big Bear! So pretty.. Envious. You and your hubs soak that up girl, so deserved!

The Woodard's said...

Ah! I love these recap posts and I'm totally stealing it. Such beautiful pictures and memories! God was definitely at work when we put us three in each other's path. And I miss that school too so much more than I thought I would! Such a sweet thing to get to see your first years, first moves- all the fun firsts!!!

Olivia Grace said...

Your photography is always so beautiful! Just wanted to let you know that you have a new follower ~ just found your blog & I love it! Visit mine too if you have a chance, otherwise, keep blogging & I'll keep reading! Also, totally jealous of you going to the Priscilla Shirer event ~ she's my fave!!(: much love, Olivia

PS Hope you guys are having a great 2014 so far!! xoxo

Katherine Newsom said...

I love this! I don't know how I didn't manage to comment last time I read it, but it's always too sweet to read an re-read your blogs. I've been a little out of touch lately but hope that will change soon. I hope to see you at the blate tomorrow!! I am so excited!! We also just went to Big Bear again a few weeks ago and took our pup as well- she LOVED running up the mountain trails! Hope yall have had a fabulous January so far! Hopefully soon we can meet up again :)