Jan 28, 2014

january things

Wait… wasn't my last post a recap? Oh well. I finally pulled my computer out from under the couch and decided I would write. This has by far been the slowest month of my life. Not bad slow, just a little boring slow. Nick is in training so I have lots of one on one time with Rosie and Netflix. The weather has been wonderful so I can finally say that I am really enjoying San Diego. I'll be honest. The first two months were hard. Really hard. But we found a church that has so much going on and the weather has been perfect. No more complaints here.

Highlights of January in no particular order:

- I found my new favorite thing to do ever. And it burns calories. Double plus. I have started SWIMMING a few days a week at the pool on base. They have lap hours throughout the day and I try to spend 40- 50 minutes in the water. Its outdoor and heated. Amazing. I love the feeling after I swim. My whole body is exhausted and all I want is pizza (Is that just me?..Or did everyone get pizza after a day of swimming when they were kids??)

-Blogger date! We went to a salon called Blo for a wash and blow out style. We had chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, and head massages. Perfect Sunday afternoon!

Left to right, Front to back

-My mom and brother came to visit! We did the SD Zoo and had lunch and dinner out at some good places. It was great for them to be here and I can't wait for them to come back in a few months. We don't have set in stone plans to go back to MS yet but we are hoping for June!

-Ok, embarrassing… I watched the Friday Night Light series on Netflix in about 7 days. Nick had just started training. I wasn't on much of a schedule. It is absolutely my favorite show that I have watched so far. Why can't Tim Riggins and Lyla Garrity's story just go on forever. Seriously loved it. And I might just restart it.

- Ladies Ministry at church held a "campfire on the beach night"! Complete with S'mores and worship music. It was like something you see in the movies. Fire pit on the beach. The Del in full view. Waves as the background music. Perfection.

- Ladies Bible Study at church started! We are reading and working through "The Hole in Our Gospel" by Richard Stearn. Yep this book is going to flip my world upside down. And I have only read the first 3 chapters. If you need a good read that will transform the way you think, check this book out. He was the CEO of Lennox, yep your wedding dinner ware in your cute china cabinet, turned President of World Vision. Such a testimony of surrendering full control to Christ. I can't wait to dig in more.

- Rosie has been extra needy since Nick left. And she is super bored. We take walks most everyday and she loves it.

So I said it was a slow month but I just proved myself wrong. I think the first week that Nick started training seemed boring, but the rest of it has been a whirlwind. I hope to be on here more in the next few months. But until then, have a wonderful end of your January!



Nicole said...

It's so good to see you back. :)

Lisa C said...

Swimming in a heated pool sounds amazing right now. It's like 15 degrees here.

Katie said...

I love swimming! I'm not super great at it, but I also feel like a good kind of exhausted afterwards. Your beach bonfire looks sooo nice! I'm glad you got to do that! (and maybe a little jealous!) :)

Courtney Kassner said...

Oh, I miss Friday Night Lights!...and I've been missing your blog posts!

Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

I think I would be wanting pizza after swimming too! When I was in middle school we had a pool in our backyard, so we would eat sandwiches by the pool just about every weekend, but when we had parties, it seemed pizza was the food of choice!
I can go through a series when Gene is gone like that too! Binge Netflixing is a real thing!

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh, isn't Rosie just the cutest thing? Glad you are starting to enjoy San Diego a little more. We are getting ready to PCS to Korea, and I am so worried about making it feel like home.

vanessa • www.withgreatheart.com • attractive + affordable blog design said...

Rosie is SOOOO adorable!! And I wish I could get into swimming, I am just so lazy haha


Katherine Newsom said...

I've been missing your blog posts! So glad you are back. Sweet Rosie is precious!! Loved seeing everyone at Blo - cant wait till next month! Did you get the email already? Plus, glad you are loving swimming. Ive gotten into Xtend Barre and love that! Got to find something that works :) Hope to see you again soon!