Sep 26, 2013

Visit to Gulfport

What a sweet time the last few days have been. I've gotten to refuel on being with my husband. I've gotten to spend time with a sweet bunch of kiddos that I get to see maybe once a year. Rosie has proven to be a dream with children. And my mom and I are on the road to hopefully being back in MS by Friday!  Oh, my heart is full!

I have blogged about the Dukes before but I'll say it again. They are family to me. Coach Dukes has been like a dad to me the past 6 years and I just love this family so much. Their daughter and her husband, Bethany and Matt, are in Peru preparing for their move as missionaries. Diana (or as her grandchildren call her, Dede- hope I spelled that right!) and I are here helping out with Bethany and Matt's five children while the are gone. These babies are BEAUTIFUL. We have had the best time the past few days. This house is full of love and is centered around Christ. It's so encouraging as I think about our future.

My husband is going to be the best daddy ever. He will make my job as a mom easy when he is home from deployments. He never gets tired of playing, kids LOVE him, and he has a voice that kids have no choice but the listen to him. I love seeing him interact with kids. I can just picture it now and I love it.

During the day, we worked on school work and took Rosie on a walk. We all took turns holding the leash of course!

All eyes on Mr. Nick! He is always a hit. I'm the boring, nurturing one ;)

Our nights were filled with watching Ann of Green Gables and snuggling on the futon. I pray my future babies have tender hearts that love Jesus like these kids. We had a busy, busy week. I hope I get to see them one more time before their move to Peru. You can visit the Murphy's Facebook page HERE to see how God is moving in their lives. Please pray for this sweet family as they make this big change. They are such an example of true obedience. Life will be absolutely different, but they will find so many blessings in serving where God is placing them. 

This is Nick and me with Ava, Emmaline, Samuel, Lydia, and John Mark (and Rosie!)...Can babies get any prettier??

Hope your Thursday goes by quickly! Friday is almost here and that means I might be home! Lots of things have been thrown in the mix the past month but I'll be home soon and it will be sweet.


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Katherine Newsom said...

Looks like a good time :) How great that yall were able to visit with such a beautiful family! Enjoy your time and the move, it will be over before you know it! Im hoping to see an update soon that says you are finally in town!! Be safe out there! Cross country moves can be very stressful..