Sep 20, 2013

just a couple of drifters

Well, we have now made our status as drifters. The ones that don't know whose couch they will sleep on that night. Just kidding.. It's totally opposite. Though we don't have our own place yet, since we have to GET to California first, we will be staying with family for the next month. Right now, we are staying in a cozy hotel ready to see Nick! Our timing was perfect. I turned in my key yesterday and headed straight to Gulfport to meet my husband for the weekend. I will be back in our hometown sometime next week. There are a few things to hammer out before then. But for now, I'm enjoying not having a house to clean and a yummy breakfast waiting for me at 6 am downstairs. Aren't hotels the best??

Rosie and I are going on a mission to find a park this morning. In between the movers and staying at friends houses, we haven't gotten to take our normal walks. She is the best travel buddy. I can tell she just can't get comfortable in the front seat but she does try to sleep the whole time. Ugh, she is just so cute.

Ok, she does look comfortable there.

After the park, I might hop over to the outlet malls that are right behind us. Why not shop while I wait on Nick? I do get to see some good family friends while I am down here. My mom's best friend is here staying with her grandchildren, so I am going to spend some time with them! I'm telling you...perfect timing. Those girls are my favorite. I never get to see them, so I am very excited!

Until next time, Happy Friday!



Heather Marie said...

Rosie is so cute!!!! Have fun with your adventures for the park :)

Katherine Newsom said...

Oh my goodness, your pup Rosie is absolutely adorable. I love seeing the random positions animals sleep in! So excited that you are embarking on this journey! We were "homeless" for over two weeks of traveling and visiting at home when we moved cross country, but it was a fun ride. Retail therapy is a good way to rid of the stresses of moving! Have a good weekend! ~Katherine