Aug 13, 2013

the weekend getaway

My favorite thing about living in Destin is the areas that are around us. Hwy 30A holds a special place in my heart. It's where we took engagements during the whirlwind of planning a wedding. That hot July weekend made me fall in love with the Seaside area. It's magical around there. Twinkling lights, babies with red cheeks from the heat, music from the amphitheater. I love it.

This past weekend, we took advantage of the Bed and Breakfast stay that we had gotten as a wedding gift from Nick's uncle who also lives in this area. It was the perfect end to our time in Destin. We got to experience the vacation feel of this area. Our stay was at Hibiscus Coffee and Guesthouse in Grayton Beach! We did lots of walking and lots of eating. I would recommend every restaurant that we went to...there wasn't a bad one! We spent the days on the beach and the nights on the town. We got to have deep conversations about marriage that don't always come up in every day conversation. I love talking about strengths and weaknesses because it only makes us a better team. 

Friday, we hopped in the car right after Nick got home from work. We checked into the Turner room at Hibiscus. Cozy, cozy! It was small and sweet! I had been researching restaurants a few days before, and after a little confusion on our phones map, we landed at La Cocina. It was soo good and the staff was on top of it! Best chips and salsa that I have had in the 10 months of living here. After that, we hopped over the the Rosemary downtown and stopped by La Crema for dessert. It was a very romantic spot and had a very yummy menu.


 Saturday, we stopped by Another Broken Egg Cafe in Grayton beach for breakfast. The French Toast was so good and there was soo much of it! We made our way to the beach after that. I got the sun I desparately needed for Nick's graduation and he rented a paddle board for the day.

That night we walked next door to Pandora's. We both had steak and it was soo good! Plus we went before 6 so it was buy one meal, get one free. Score for the newly married folks! Since we saved so much money (just kidding!), we headed to Seaside to eat ice cream and people watch. We laughed and just had a good time together. I'm not even sure which ice cream place we went to, but it sure was good!

 Sunday, we had breakfast downstairs at the cafe and then headed to the beach for a few hours before we decided to hit the road. We had coffee outside and watched the families trickle in and out of the cute cafe. After the beach, we headed home to pick up our Rosie girl! 30 minutes later, we had her! I love vacations that don't include 8 hour drives :)

It was a sweet weekend of deep conversation, quiet time with the Lord, book finishing, and date nights. Perfection!

Oh and we got to come home to this sweet thing...

Thanks for reading! Go check out Seaside, FL! You won't be disappointed!


Courtney Kassner said...

What a fun weekend! Looks like Rosie was glad you were home!

Jackie Cariker said...

I love how the two of you find treasures off the beaten path.

Heather said...

So glad you two had a great weekend! You're pictures are so pretty!