Aug 23, 2013

busy bee takes a trip to the beach house

This is what is going on that this very minute. Just wanted to drop in since I have been a busy bee the past week. Family visiting, Nick graduating from training, and now lots of together time before his next training phase. It's been crazy.

We are staying at a beach house that Nick's family rented for the week. What a great way to sit back and take in all the moments of this week. Emotional is too small of a word. Next week, we start being a real military family. No more of the amazing schedule we had of routine dinners every night at 6. His training has definitely spoiled me. But I will live. And I will keep on breathing. There are worse situations than a little time apart. Just for safety and the fact that my husband wants me to be careful of what goes on the world wide web, I'll be very vague about Nick's coming and going. But don't worry, I will still have pictures of Rosie on the blog the next few weeks. You can breathe again ;).

Here are just a few pictures that I captured with my phone from this past week.

Happy Friday, Loves!

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