Jul 22, 2013

Wife After God

If you follow my Instagram, you have seen some posts about a new devotional that I started last Sunday. Two weeks ago, I stumbled upon a photo of a book named Wife After God on Instagram. That title reeled me in quickly. Like, I bought the book the same day.

You can visit Jennifer Smith, also known on social media as Unveiled Wife, on her website here. When you hop over there, you can find her blog, her Wife After God book, and all kinds of encouragement. Let's face it...being a wife can be hard! I think Nick makes it easy for me, but there are still too many days that I don't wake up thinking about how I can fulfill my job as a godly wife that day.

This devotional helps me do that. I wake up to a short devotional about my role as a wife. Not about what he should be doing. It focuses on respecting our husbands, realizing our responsibilities as a wife, and how the most important thing is to have Christ as the center.

 She leaves us with "challenges" everyday as well. I feel like they are good marriage maintenance questions. It gives you things to talk about that aren't in everyday, sitting on the couch conversations. Nick will really open up with these. He has been asking, "What's the question for tonight?" Love that. Not every night is a question, but I love how this has already opened up conversation on things bigger than what tv show is on tonight.

On Day 2, the challenge was to tell your husband one reason you respect him. On that day, she talked about the fact that us sweet ladies are designed to long to be loved. Our burly men, on the other hand, need to feel respected. I love how God reminded me that he requires me to give my husband respect whether or not he deserved it that day or not. My favorite part of that lesson was when Jennifer said," This is where reflecting God's love story comes into focus. You will be reflecting the same unconditional, sacrifical love that Christ displayed for His bride of undeserved sinners." Didn't I receive the mercy of God? And I do/did NOT deserve it.

I love this devotional already. It gives you a daily scripture that the lesson is based on, a lesson that makes you think, a status to put up on any social media you have, a prayer, and a challenge. I love that Jennifer is using the internet and social media as a tool in this study. There is so much negative online, and I am so glad that we can fight WITH it for once. We can spread scripture and encouragement to people we don't even know. And close ones we do know. People look more than you think. Websites like Unveiled Wife and She Reads Truth are so encouraging and are doing work around this country.

I hope to share what I am learning through Wife After God. God placed it in my life at such a neat time. With Nick's graduation, family arriving soon, wrapping up life in Florida, and packing our life to move to California, I needed a time-friendly study that would make a statement but not leave me with no time to get my day going. I know it won't be the last time I go through this book.

This study will challenge me to be the wife that God has called me to be. I want for Nick and I to be STRONG as possible before he starts training around the country and we are apart. We don't have years to get ourselves together. We have to be intentional and prepare for this life now. It is not for the weak. We might be weak alone, but together in Christ, that chord will not easily be broken.

I hope you will check out this book and really pray about starting it! I would love to hear your thoughts on what God is doing in your life through it! I love being able to come together as women and having encouragement from all over.

Have a great Monday!



Nicole said...

I'm loving this so much, too! It has been great for me to really think about my role and to reflect on how well I am representing Christ as a wife. The Lord has already convicted me of a few things and allowed me to really grow. I am excited to see where the Lord takes me through this. Thanks for sharing about it!

Katherine Newsom said...

I am loving this post! I have been thinking about finding another devotional to begin, after Faith Deployed 1&2, and I will have to look into this one. Your comments about love & respect are too true - next, you need to check our Eggrich's (I think that's how it's spelled) Love & Respect couples study. It is a book and a workbook, and is really a big help. I hope I can use our study and this book to really respect & lift up my husband! Thank you for sharing.

Allison said...

This book sounds amazing!! I'm doing Jesus Calling right now, but would love to look into this book too! It sounds perfect. :) Thanks for sharing!!

Courtney Kassner said...

Ordering this book this week! I can't wait to start it!