Jul 23, 2013

In the Kitchen

Last week I was way under the weather. I didn't cook much at all and Nick probably felt like a bachelor again with all the grabbing dinner and making hot dogs ( Sadly, I don't even remember if he fixed anything at all..Hot dogs was my best bet).

By Thursday afternoon, I was a new woman. With a Kleenex still, but a new woman all the same. I felt so bad about the poor dinner choices and my not so sweet mood that he so graciously overlooked..And gave me THE look so I knew I was being a bit dramatic. I decided he needed a good meal and he deserved something so unhealthy for dessert that I didn't even try to look at the calories. (Does anyone else turn the nutritional facts facing away from them when they get them out of the pantry??)

I decided to go on Pinterest and find something weirdly normal...I like weird, he likes normal. I found THIS Hummus Crusted Chicken and it was divine! I might even make it tomorrow night again! I used a hummus we both really like from Winn Dixie called Sabra. Our favorite flavor is Roasted Garlic but the Pine Nut one is second runner up for me! I didn't want to do anything too crazy to the chicken so I figured I'd be safe with the plain one. I did as the recipe said and cooked it over zucchini and squash. I was a little nervous about the lemon juice but it didn't mess with the hummus flavor at all! I did leave out the lemon slices at the end.

Mine was almost that pretty.......

For dessert I dug deep into my Rolodex (that's that Nick calls my brain because apparently I remember everything).  I remember being at a wedding or rehearsal dinner and they served us this yummy Chocolate Eclair cake. Is it just me but when your husband compliments a friend's or even restaurant's food and says, 'Baby, you need to learn how to make this", something inside me snaps. I want to say well I'll find the recipe because I don't need to LEARN to bake anything :) Oh, the funny things us women say in our heads. Anyways, I LEARNED to make a no bake Chocolate Eclair cake that Nick just finished last night. He loved it and it was super easy.  Here is the link to make the dessert that will make your husband/ fiance'/ boyfriend fall in love with you all over again...Enjoy!

Have a great day!


Lisa said...

I love Sabra hummus. This would probably be really good with their roasted red pepper flavor, too!

Allison said...

Aw what a good wife. :) Both of these recipes sound amazing!!!

petal and plume said...

your blog is wonderfully beauty-full!