Jul 31, 2013

i went to mississippi?

That's right! So it's obviously been a good week since my last post. Rosie and I covered a lot of miles since then. I decided to make a quick trip home to do a couple things that needed to be finished so that we can sell my house back home. Just moving things out and making sure it's ready to go. Hopefully more on that in the next few weeks!

So that meant Tuesday night, I planned to leave Wednesday morning after spin class. I was so excited to get back home for a couple of days. Nick didn't get to make the trip with training and all, but Rosie was at my side the whole time. Now, that we are married and moved away, visits home are JAM PACKED. We get pulled in 10,000 different directions, which totally makes us feel loved, but once we get home, I need a day to recover.

I was able to go eat at a couple of my favorite places and spend time with my family. I was so excited to spend the day with my friend, Kayla, on Thursday. Sometimes, just sitting in the same room is what the heart needs! We decided to try out a new class at the gym where she is a member that evening. It brought me back to our cosmetology school days when we would take Tae Bo after we got out of school. So funny!

I was needing some country scenery in my life so when I went to visit with Nick's mom, Mrs. Jan, I took a short run on their land. It's beautiful and it always brings me back taking walks with Nick during the first days of our dating relationship. Those memories are so precious. Rosie felt like a wild animal as she rolled in mud, sniffed everything in sight, and barked at the miniature horses and cows.  A dog's life! (Hey Jon Sharman- I'm thinking One Year pictures here!! ;) )

Since I am always on the go when I am in Senatobia, I decided to let my grandparents babysit Rosie. I didn't know how attached that pup is to me. A little part of me thinks it is cute, but I do want a well adjusted dog. Howling while I am gone is not well adjusted. I think she finally gave up after 30 minutes. I hope so at least. We also found out that she is very protective, also. Lucy, Trenton's Boston Terrier, has seriously turned into a mean dog. It probably doesn't help that we pester her non stop. She gets REALLY mad when we play with her and jumps at us while growling ferociously. Rosie wouldn't have it when Lucy was around me. Let's just say I ended up with a guard dog.

 This is what I saw when I came to pick Rosie up from my grandparents.
 Sweet Captain and Rosie during quiet time one morning.

Saturday, I went to dinner with Mom, Trenton, and Jessica (Trenton's girlfriend). We had a yummy dinner at Kubla Khan and had fun looking around for shoes in Southaven. We were all so tired that we went home early. It was so good to spend time with them. I am excited to spend a few weeks home while Nick is in training. 

Sunday, I decided to get on the road earlier than planned, so I ended up missing out on going to Lifepoint. We went for breakfast to Crackerbarrel with my grandparents. Always an adventure with that crew! I love them for it! :)

We were sad to leave but I was really ready to see my husband. We have less than a month before the training and separation starts. We are going to make this last month very special. I am so excited to have 9 days with him after graduation without school or training. I am hoping we are going on a little getaway during that time, but we shall see!

Sorry so long, but it has been a whirlwind this past week! Hope your Wednesday goes by quick so you can get closer to the weekend! Have a good one!



Nicole said...

I was wondering if you and Kayla had gotten a chance to hang out! I'm glad that you did. I know it was so good for the both of you with all that y'all have had going on! I've been thinking about you and your house... I hope everything in on the right track!

Allison said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! Glad you got to spend some time with family!!! :) That property is beautiful.

Lauren said...

Yay! Coming home is wonderful! So glad you got to enjoy a couple of days back here!