May 30, 2013

a cobbler to start the summer off right

So it is officially summer in Destin! I bought my first watermelon of the year and it was to die for! I can eat a whole one in a myself. It's definitely a favorite and really makes it feel like summertime! I've been getting excited about farmer's markets really starting up, so this weekend I am going to rise and shine early Saturday for the monthly Niceville's Farmers Market! Yum!

My other favorite fruit of the summer is peaches. I feel like the window to eat a peach is way too small, so I have to stuff my face with them while I can. Last week, I received my monthly issue of Southern Living (thanks to Nick's Mammie! She bought me the Southern Living and Mississippi Magazine subscriptions and it is the best part of the mail month to me!) My goal is always to make one of the recipes in each issue. I really haven't made anything in the last few months, but last night I did and it was the best decision I have made in a while...Blackberry Peach Cobbler Bars. Perfect for the first week of summer! 

I have to show you my favorite part of the recipe.... The glazed pecans! You know at women's markets or flea markets that you go to, and you smell the yummy cinnamon pecans roasting? This was better. Mostly because I made them, but my bible study girls sure liked them this morning!

 Click here for the recipe for these yummy pecans! They got 5 stars!

 The cobbler recipe really wasn't a hard recipe to follow at all! The "crust" was sooo good! I could have eaten it by the spoonful while I was mixing it up. I will definitely be making this again in the future.

 I felt like I was back in Mississippi while I snuck a piece this morning for breakfast! Here is the recipe if you want to try it for yourself!

 What's your favorite fresh fruit bake of the summer? I'm ready to try more after making this cobbler!



Martha Kate Stratton said...

My mouth watered reading this. Definitely going to have to try this one soon!! Hope yall are doing great!

Chelsea Phelps said...

Looks delish!! I recently tried and blogged about a fruit pie with a pecan crust that I love:

I'll have to try yours!

Lauren said...

love your kitchen towel. How precious!

Nicole said...

Yum! I'm going to have to find a cobbler recipe to try soon! I went to Hernando's farmers market for the first time last weekend and I'm planning on going again tomorrow! There's something so sweet about it!

Nicole said...
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Kayla Tow said...

Yumm why do you have to live so far away. Lol I really want to come over and eat that cobbler. Im definitely going to try the pecans soon. They look pretty easy ;)

Hannah said...

oh my goodness gracious. That cobbler looks amazing! I am going to be trying that out very soon! yum!