May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

What a weekend! The busiest we have had in a while, I'd say. My legs won't let me off the couch so I figured I would post our pictures from the weekend.

I honestly do not remember what we did on Friday afternoon. That shows how exciting we can be......not! We picked up Rosie's little furry friend that we baby sat over the weekend and went to the bank! Woo hoo!

 (Rosie's BFF,  Jessie. Should have photoshopped the Copenhagen out, but that just wouldn't have been very honest, would it? ;) Love you, Nick!)

I can't WAIT to see how these will turn out! I bought some very nice, old frames from a garage sale last weekend for a total of $6. I have been slowly sanding and repainting these babies all weekend. I plan on filling some wall space as a little DIY project. Not completely sure how I want to end result but I will post whenever I finish!

Saturday, the weather was GLORIOUS. Ok, all weekend was. I DO live in Florida, ya know? ;) We rented YOLO boards from the base and spent the day on the water with friends. (If you are military, check with the rec center on base. You can rent these kinds of things for very cheap!) Nick and I have never tried YOLO boards, but we are hooked now! What I love is the calorie burn that comes along with it. I don't feel so guilty about our eating habits during the weekend if we do something like this! Oh and we got about 10 feet from dolphins!! Sooo much fun! 

 "Nick, will you take me for some FroYo after we YOLO??" Nick hates it when I speak in abbrevs!

That night we made our way to our favorite spot around Destin...Seaside! They had a free concert plus its just the prettiest place on Earth. We walked around all night reminiscing our engagement shoot! Go check out our little photo shoot on Jon Sharman's page here . Like I say over and over again, he is the best photographer out there! He is definitely more than a photographer to us though, he's our dear friend now!

Fun Fact: Seaside is where The Truman Show was filmed!

(Me and my tan man!)

Sunday we had a low key day. We went to a wonderful service at Niceville United Methodist! The youth pastor preached and we were so refreshed by his message on true generosity. Sunday night we had friends over and cooked out. We ate too much. Period. But it was soooo good! I love it when the guys in Nick's class come over. I get to use my southern hospitality and nice dishes on those "northern boys" ;). Love them! I also sat down and wrote a post about Memorial Day that you can check out here.

Today, we got spontaneous and rented jet skis. Harborwalk Village is apparently the place to be during the weekend (well, kinda weekend). Nick held on tight while I stole the biggest wave of the day. He said I got 4 feet in the air. Woo hoo for this safe mama!  I know I keep saying we had so much fun.....but we really did! No dolphins on this go round but we got to hang out around Crab Island and see all the big boats! We ended the night with burgers at Harry T's. It took all I had to not fall asleep on the way home. I'm now tucked into our couch and the only other place I'm going is to bed!

So, that was our long weekend, friends! I hope yours was relaxing and you are ready for the short week ahead!

P.S. Sorry for all the terrible quality IPhone pics! Just easier and I can actually get close to the water!



Lauren said...

just reading this post wore me out! So glad you had such a fun, adventurous weekend!

Courtney Kassner said...

I'm drooling looking at those clear-water pics. Very jealous! Looks like you had such a great weekend!