Apr 15, 2013

Possibilities- San Diego, California

I like researching. Now that I am married and have more time (sounds weird, I know), I really research things. Places to eat, pretty places to visit, doggy training, blog tips, military wifey things....its endless. 

We find out where we will be stationed soon. It could be next week or it could be a month from now. Don't even think for a second that this Navy gal is going to be clueless when we move. It's how I cope. I pump myself up by finding out everything I can about the areas we might be. I thought it might be fun to show you about the places we might be placed. I know you military girls are thinking, "Ok, newbie, slow down. You have no idea where you will be. Let it happen on its own.". Well, with Nick's rate, we only get 4 choices this go around. Less choices means more detailed research. Which means happy Victoria.

I won't say which location we want or don't want, just because it is in the Lord's hands and I will serve Him where ever I go. So do not pay attention to the order I post these in..(It's in ABC order by the way).

First on the board.....

San Diego, California

(Imperial Beach Pier)

(Ocean Beach - Dog Friendly)

"I promise I'll pick up after my dogs!" I wish I could tell that to the City of Destin. I am so ready to be somewhere that my pooches can run and play in the sand. How fun is this??

(Gaslamp Quarter)

Nick keeps telling me about the Gaslamp Quarter! I would love to check it out. From what I read about it, it's full of music, shopping, and food. I could deal with that.

(San Diego Zoo)

I'm one of those. I will never outgrow the zoo. The elephants are my favorite. I would buy out the gift shop if I went unsupervised.

(San Diego Farmer's Markets)

As you know, San Diego is HUGE. I am not sure what part we would actually live in so THIS link shows all the farmers markets in the San Diego area. There are tons! I would love to live close enough that I could take my bike, throw Rosie in my front basket, and fill up my beach cruiser with fruits and veggies. Perfection right there.

(Mission Beach Boardwalk)

When I picture San Diego, this is the image that comes to mind. Joggers and bike riders (not pictured in this of course). This is the ultimate CA scene for me.

So, you see what some of my to do list looks like if we get San Diego. This lifestyle is what you make it, but I don't think it will be too hard to make this place fun. We are praying now that God will go before us and make it clear as to what church we should be involved in and join. It's so important to not put that on the back burner because it will become habit.

Next up....Guam. Deep breaths, deep breaths, everyone.

P.S. When ever we get news of orders, I'll be posting a more detailed blog post about the area. I can't WAIT for that one.

Happy Monday!



Lauren said...

Wow! Such awesome opportunities are at your fingertips! So fun to research all these fun places!

Courtney Kassner said...

I'm excited to find out where y'all will be!

Erin said...

Oo I love San Diego :) Beautiful!

Just found your cute blog, excited to read more. you have a beautiful heart.

Now following you via GFC :)



Mariel Collins said...

How exciting for you all! I just love your heart, the Lord will place you both where he can use you the most, for his glory:)

Amber McCormick said...

YAY!! can't wait to see where ya'll get! Wherever, we may just have to come visit!!!

Jessica Martin said...

Love your blog and your passion for the Lord! you should follow me back at http://foreverconvinced.blogspot.com/, im new to the whole blogging scene! :) xo